The Heavenly Father speaks to us because of His infinite Love for each of us. Through His Word we are able to return to Him if we obey it.

Prayers by Our Lady of Jacarai

Prayers taught by Our Lady, Queen and Messenger of Peace to Marcos Tadeu Teixeira at Jacarai, SP, Brazil


The Holy Rosary Meditated


The Origin of the Holy Rosary

It was the year 1206. In that year the great Albigensian heresy was taking place, where many Christians had already left the true Catholic faith and separated from the true path. The Languedoc region, the southern part of France, was the region most afflicted by this evil. A crusade was called to stop the evil, and the clash between Catholics and heretics was not long in coming. And the land of the noble French nation became the stage for countless bloody battles in which Catholics and Albigensians fought it out inch by inch. However, in spite of so much bloodshed, heresy continued until the child Jesus took, from his mother's hands, a small chain with various pieces of silverware, and gave it into the hands of Saint Dominic. In a great interior inspiration, St. Dominic understands how the Virgin Mary wants the Rosary to be prayed. How to move heaven to defeat it? How to obtain from God a definitive victory? There were times when all seemed lost. But Saint Dominic, moved by a divine inspiration, entered a large and deep forest near Toulouse, and spent three days and two nights there, imploring God to have mercy on His own Glory trampled underfoot by the Albigensian heresy itself.

The Albigensian Heresy

The Albigensian Heresy

As a result of such great ardor and effort, he ended up half-dead. Behold, then, Mary Most Holy, resplendent with glory appears to him. The Blessed Virgin, who was accompanied by three princesses of heaven, and in her arms a small boy, said to him: "Do you know, my dear Dominic, which weapon the Blessed Trinity used to reform and save the world? O Lady, he answered, "You know it better than I do, because after your son Jesus Christ, you were the main instrument of our salvation. She continued, "The main instrument of this work was the Angelic greeting, the Hail Mary which is the foundation of the New Testament. So if you want to win these hardened souls to God, pray my Holy Rosary."

Our Lady then opens Her Immense Maternal heart and makes these promises to him for those who pray her Rosary devoutly every day:

/---------+o~~~o+---------\ /---------+o~~~o+---------\

1 Whoever serves me constantly by praying the Rosary, will receive a special grace.

2 To those who pray the Rosary devoutly I promise my most special protection and grace.

3 It will be a most powerful weapon against hell, it will destroy vices and sins, and it will destroy heresies.

4 The Rosary will make virtues and good works flourish, it will attract to souls copious blessings from God and it will replace the love for earthly and worldly things with the love of God.

5 The soul that by means of the Rosary has recourse to me shall not perish.

6 Everyone who devoutly prays the Rosary contemplating the mysteries, will not be oppressed by misfortunes, will not be punished by the justices of God and will not die a sudden death, but will be converted if he is a sinner, will be preserved in grace if he is righteous and will make himself worthy of eternal life.

7 The true devotees of my Rosary will not die without first receiving the sacraments.

8 Those who pray my rosary will have the light and fullness of grace in life and in death, they will be admitted to participate in the merits of the saints.

9 The devotees of my Rosary who go to purgatory, I will release them on the same day.

10 They will have great Glory in heaven.

11 Everything that is asked for by the Rosary will be granted.

12 Those who spread my rosary will be supported by me in all their needs.

13 I will obtain from My Son that all devotees of the Rosary have as brethren the entire heavenly court in life and in death.

14 All who recite My Rosary are My children and brothers of Jesus Christ, My Only Begotten.

15 The devotion of my Rosary is a great sign of salvation.

\---------+o~~~o+---------/ \---------+o~~~o+---------/

The Saint rose up much consoled and ablaze with zeal for the good of these people, entered the city, the Cathedral. At the same moment the bells rang by the hands of the Angels alone to gather the inhabitants. At the beginning of the preaching an astonishing storm fell.

Der Albigenserkreuzzug von Jose D.C. Peña

The Albigensian Crusade by Jose D.C. Peña

The earth trembled, the sun became cloudy, and redoubled lightning and thunder made all the listeners shudder and pale. Their horror increased when they saw the image of the Blessed Virgin, exposed on a high place, raising her arms three times to heaven, to ask God for vengeance on them if they did not convert and resort to the protection of the Holy Mother of God. Heaven wanted by these miracles to stimulate the new devotion to the Holy Rosary, and to make it better known. The storm finally ceased, due to the prayers of St. Dominic. He continued his sermon and explained with such fervor and enthusiasm the excellence of the Holy Rosary that almost all the inhabitants adopted it and renounced their errors. In a short time, more than one hundred thousand heretics were converted back to the true Catholic faith. For this reason, Our Lady urges us to pray the Holy Rosary with love. It is the devotion brought from heaven by the hands of Jesus and Mary, so that with its simple cord it binds Satan so that his wickedness no longer has power on earth.

The Rosary given by Our Lady to Saint Dominic, is divided into Three Parts:

- The Joyful Mysteries - In these we contemplate from the Annunciation of the birth of Our Lord Jesus to when He meets with the teachers of the law in the Temple in Jerusalem.

- The Sorrowful Mysteries - In these we contemplate the Passion and death of Our Lord Jesus.

- The Glorious Mysteries - And finally we contemplate His Glorious Resurrection and ascension into Heaven.

In Her Apparitions at Jacareí, Our Lady constantly insists that we pray the Holy Rosary every day. The Holy Rosary is Our Lady's favorite prayer. Especially the meditated Rosary recorded in the Sanctuary of the Apparitions because in it, before each mystery, we contemplate a Message from Our Lady given in Her Apparitions around the world where She teaches us the love that pleases God and how we must live to be in union with the Sacred Hearts.

This is how the Blessed Virgin asks us to pray every day: The Meditated Rosary of the Shrine of the Apparitions of Jacareí.


Seven Rosaries given by Our Lady of Jacarai


--★ ★--

1º Rosary of the Eucharist

(to be prayed kneeling)

(Taught on June 26, 1993, and modified by Our Lady in this Message below)

Chapel of the Apparitions - at 10:30pm - May 11th, 2000

The Rosary of the Eucharist gives great Glory to GOD, and great Joy to My Immaculate Heart, but... if you want to give more Glory to GOD and more 'happiness' to My Heart, pray the prayer of the small beads like this:

Thanks and praise be given 'through Mary' at all times, to the Most Holy and DIVINE Sacrament...

I will be particularly grateful, to those who Honor Me the most, through this prayer, and I promise to obtain for them 'Special Graces' from My Son Jesus for their souls... and My Son, in HIS turn, will reward with even greater Graces, those who Honor HIS Blessed MOTHER through this invocation, to HIM...

Five Mysteries

(I) Our Lord feeds a crowd of 5 thousand people (in the desert, with the loaves and fishes He had multiplied).

(II) Our Lord promises the Eucharist saying: 'I AM the Living Bread come down from Heaven.

(III) Our Lord feeds a crowd of 4 thousand people (in the desert, with the loaves and fishes he had multiplied).

(IV) Our Lord institutes the Holy Eucharist at the Last Supper (on the night of Holy Thursday).

(V) Mystery of Hope: Let us contemplate the promise of the TRIUMPH of the Eucharistic KINGDOM of Jesus, united to the TRIUMPH of the Immaculate Heart of the Most Holy Mary.

On the first 3 beads

My GOD, I believe, adore, hope and love You. I ask Your forgiveness for those who do not believe, do not adore You, do not hope and do not love You.

Apostles' Creed ...

On the large beads

Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I adore You deeply.

I offer You the Most Precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles of the earth, in reparation for the outrages, blasphemies, sacrileges and indifference with which HE Himself is offended, and I ask You, by the infinite merits of HIS Most Sacred Heart, and through the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, for the conversion of all poor sinners.

My GOD, I believe, adore, hope and love You. I ask Your forgiveness for all those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope and do not love You.

On the small beads

Thanks and praise be given 'through Mary' at all times, to the Most Holy and DIVINE Sacrament

At the end of each Mystery

Glory be to the Father...

O Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, grant that I may love your Son Jesus present in the Tabernacle without ceasing, night and day.

Blessed and praised forever be the Holy Sacrament.

On the last 3 beads

Holy GOD, strong GOD, immortal GOD, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

Closing Prayer

O Jesus, we know that You are truly present in the Holy Sacrament of the Altar.
We desire to console You for the sacrileges and sins with which You are offended in this Admirable Sacrament.
We join the choirs of angels, to adore You.
We unite with the choirs of the saints, to worship You.
We unite with the whole Church, to worship You.
We offer this prayer in reparation for the sins, sacrileges, and blasphemies by which You are offended.
Praised are You forever. AMEN.


--★ ★--

2º Rosary of Peace

(Taught on October 26, 1993)

Begin with an Offering Prayer

DIVINE Jesus, we offer You this Rosary which we are about to pray, meditating on the Mysteries of our Redemption. Grant us, through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, Mother of GOD and our Mother, the virtues we need to pray it well, and the grace to gain the indulgences of this Holy Devotion.

We offer it particularly, in reparation for the sins committed against the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, for World Peace, for the conversion of sinners, for the souls in purgatory, for the intentions of the Holy Father, the Pope, for the increase and sanctification of the clergy, for our Vicar, for the sanctification of the families, for the missions, for the sick, for the dying, for those who have asked for our prayers, for all our particular intentions, and for Brazil (or your country).

We offer them for your intentions, O Mother of Heaven, and for the TRIUMPH of your Immaculate Heart.

Opening Prayer

I unite myself to all the Saints who are in Heaven, to all the righteous who are on earth, to all the faithful souls who are in this place. I unite myself to You, my Jesus, to praise Your Holy Mother worthily, and to praise You, in her and through her.

I renounce all distractions that come to me during this Rosary, which I want to recite with modesty, attention and devotion, as if it would be the last of my life.


(Meditation on the mysteries of the Hail Mary Rosary)

In the Joyful Mysteries we contemplate

(I) The Annunciation of the Archangel Gabriel to Our Lady, and we learn HUMILITY and HOLINESS...

(II) The Visitation of Our Lady to Her cousin Saint Elizabeth and the Sanctification of Saint John the Baptist, and we learn CHARITY towards our neighbor...

(III) The Birth of Jesus in the poor cave in Bethlehem, and we learn SIMPLICITY and the DISPOSAL of earthly goods

(IV) The Presentation of the Child Jesus in the Temple and the Purification of Mary Most Holy, OBEDIENCE and PURITY...

(V) The Meeting of the Child Jesus in the Temple among the Doctors of the Law, and we learn to SEEK Jesus with all our heart in the Eucharist, HIM, HIS WISDOM...

In the Sorrowful Mysteries we contemplate

(I) The Agony of Jesus in the Garden of Olives, and we learn sincere CONVERSION of our life...

(II) The scourging of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and we learn the MORTIFICATION of our senses and the Holy FAST...

(III) The Crowning of Thorns of Jesus, and we learn to RENOUNCE our GREED and EGOISM...

(IV) Jesus carries the Cross to Calvary, and we learn PATIENCE in the tribulations and crosses of our life...

(V) Crucifixion and the Death of Jesus on the Cross, after three hours of intense agony, and we learn to HAVE HORROR and to FLEE FROM sin, and to LOVE GOD above all things...

In the Glorious Mysteries we contemplate

(I) The Resurrection of Jesus, and we learn to have UNLIMITED TRUST in GOD'S LOVE for us, and in HIS SOVEREIGN POWER...

(II) The Ascension of Jesus into Heaven, and we learn to STRONGLY DESERVE Heaven...

(III) The descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles, gathered in prayer with Our Lady in the Cenacle, and we learn to BE DOCTORAL TO THE HOLY SPIRIT, and for HIM to open our hearts, through the IMMACULATED HEART OF MARY...

(IV) The Assumption of Our Lady into Heaven, and we learn to live a holy life, to be PURE in body and soul...

(V) The Coronation of Our Lady as Queen of Heaven and Earth, and we ask Her for the Grace of FINAL PERSEVERANCE, with our fidelity in FAITH until the last moment of our life...

On the first 3 beads

Come Holy Spirit, through the Door of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. (3x)

On the large beads

Queen and messenger of Peace, intercede Peace to the whole world.

On the small beads

Queen and messenger of Peace, pray to GOD for us.

At the end of each mystery

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

O my Jesus, forgive us of our sins. Save us from the fires of hell. Lead all souls into heaven, especially those in most need of thy mercy. Deliver us from wars, evil, violence and give us PEACE.

O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to You, and for all those who do not yet turn to You.

Jesus, Mary and Holy Spirit we love YOU! Save us from the evil of hell. Amen.

Holy Angel of Peace, Pray for us.

On the last 3 beads

By Thy Tears of Sorrow O Mother, deliver the whole world from wars and infernal forces. (3x)

Closing Prayer

O Mary, Queen and Messenger of Peace, we beseech You, bring Peace to the whole world, Peace in the church, Peace in families, Peace in Hearts, Peace in the whole world! May we all be like You, messengers and instruments of Peace. May the Holy Spirit, the Sanctifier, come with the Gift of Peace, through the door of Your Immaculate Heart. May the Peace of Your Immaculate Heart, O Mary, destroy the forces of hell. O Jesus, Prince and Lord of Peace, Have mercy on us and on the whole world. Amen.

After the closing prayer: (optional)

Consecration to Our Lady

O My Lady, O My Mother, I offer myself entirely to You, and in proof of my devotion to You, I consecrate You this day and forever, my eyes, my ears, my mouth, my heart and entirely my whole being. And because I am thus all Yours, O incomparable Mother, Guard me, and defend me as Your child and Your property. Amen.


--★ ★--

3º Rosary of the Consecrated

(Taught on October 18, 1994)

At the beginning

Our Father... Hail Mary... Apostles' Creed...

On the large beads

Most Holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary, to You I consecrate myself and all my family!

On the small beads

Mother, save us through our consecration to your Immaculate Heart!

On the last three beads

Father, thank you for having chosen us from all eternity!

At the end

Hail Holy Queen...


--★ ★--

4º Rosary of the United Hearts

At the beginning (in honor of the Holy Trinity)

Our Father... three Hail Mary... Apostles' Creed...

On the large beads

Our Father...

GOD the Father, GOD the Son, GOD the Holy Spirit, have mercy on us who call upon You.

On the small beads

Jesus and Mary, We consecrate ourselves to Your United Hearts as Your children.

On the last three beads

Jesus and Mary, END this war and bring Peace to the whole earth.


--★ ★--

5º Rosary of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

(Taught on May 27, 1998)

(Marcos): The Blessed Virgin, Queen of Heaven and Earth, taught the "Rosary of the Immaculate Heart of Mary". Here have been transcribed only the parts of the 'dialogue' essential to the understanding of the Rosary that Our Lady came to teach. Everything else that happened during the apparition, before and after the moment in which Our Lady taught this Rosary, will be published later, on another occasion... Our Lady taught us to pray it like this:

On the first 3 beads

Holy, Holy, Holy! Holy Heart of Mary, give us Your peace and Your joy!

On the large beads

O Most Holy Trinity, we glorify You through the Immaculate Heart of Mary!

On the small beads

O Pure and Immaculate Heart of Mary, Be our 'STRENGTH' and our 'LIFE'!

--★ ★--

(Our Lady): Here is the interpretation of the 'Seven Roses' that I bring to My Feet, in My Image as Queen and Messenger of Peace....

The 'Seven Roses' also symbolize the 'seven rosaries' that GOD has charged Me to teach you here, in the apparitions of Jacareí... Four of them have already been taught. Behold now the fifth, and I will also reveal the sixth and the seventh, so that in this way all that GOD has commanded Me to bring may be completed, and so that then My Holy Work may reach its 'complete perfection'...

(Marcos): What is the meaning of the 'three rays' that descend from Your Heart in the Image?

(Our Lady): It is the symbol of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit... of which My Immaculate Heart has been 'temple and tabernacle'...


--★ ★--

6º Rosary for the Church

(Taught on May 31, 1998 - Vigil of Pentecost)

(Marcos): The Blessed Virgin taught the "Rosary for the Church". From this apparition, only the essential parts of the 'dialog' have been written here, which are necessary and sufficient for a perfect understanding of the rosary Our Lady came to teach. What took place during the Apparition, before and after the 'parts of the Message' in which Our Lady taught this rosary, will be published later, on another occasion... Our Lady taught to pray the 'rosary for the Church' like this:

At the beginning

Our Father... Hail Mary... Apostles' Creed...

On the large beads

O Holy Spirit, for LOVE of Thy Beloved Spouse Mary, unite Thy Church, and give her Thy LIFE!

1st Decade - On the small beads (I)

O Mary, Mother of the Church, pray for Pope John Paul II and the whole Church...

2nd Decade - On the small beads (II)

O Mary, Mother of the Church, ray for the Bishops and the whole Church...

3rd Decade - On the small beads (III)

O Mary Mother of the Church, pray for the Priests and for the whole Church...

4th Decade - On the small beads (IV)

O Mary Mother of the Church, pray for the Religious and for the whole Church...

5th Decade - On the small beads (V)

O Mary Mother of the Church, pray for the Faithful and for the whole Church...

--★ ★--

(Our Lady): This rosary will dispel the darkness of hearts, will eliminate the uncertainty of faith that many feel...

This rosary will be the 'Strength' of My children in the 'difficult times' to come....

This rosary will unite the Church, show what the 'truth' is to all those who are confused...

This rosary will dispel the heresies, and it itself will be the reason for the fall of the 'antichrist' himself...

With this Rosary, My Motherhood will shine with the 'Strength of a thousand suns' within the Church, and then everyone will recognize where Jesus is, because everyone will recognize where I 'truly' am...

With this Rosary, I will guide the Church to the TRIUMPH... this Rosary will lead My Children to remain faithful in the Faith...


--★ ★--

7º Rosary of the Triumph

(Taught on June 6, 1998 - during the second apparition, at 10:30 pm)

(Marcos): In this apparition, the Blessed Virgin taught the "Rosary of Triumph". Here are reported only the essential parts of the "dialogue" during the apparition, necessary for a perfect understanding of the rosary that the Virgin came to teach. What happened before these moments, however, has been omitted here, to be published at another time, if Our Lady wills and permits it.

(Our Lady): You should pray this Rosary like this:

At the beginning

O Flame of LOVE from the Immaculate Heart of Mary, ablaze all the Church that desires You!

On the large beads

O Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, by the 'breath' of Your Mouth, destroy the infernal forces, and raise up Thy KINGDOM of LOVE and Peace...

On the small beads

O Mary, by the 'strength' of Your Rosary, destroy Satan and make Thy Immaculate Heart TRIUMPH...

At the end

Hail Holy Queen...

--★ ★--

(Our Lady): This is the last Rosary that I will teach you, to complete the 'seven roses' that I bring to my feet, the 'Seven Rosaries' prophesied in these Apparitions...

You should call it the "Rosary of Triumph"... (pause)

With this rosary, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, 'Invincible Lion', with the 'strong breath' of His Mouth, and My Immaculate Heart, by the 'strength' of My Rosary, we will destroy Satan, and finally, we will bring OUR KINGDOM of LOVE, of UNITY, of JOY, and PEACE to the world...

My children, there is little left now! It is the 'last hour' ... Arm yourselves with these 'weapons' that I have given you for prayer, and in this way, we will crush the cunning and proud adversary, who seeks in every way, to show that I have been defeated...

Now is the time to 'lift up' all the power GOD has given Me! Therefore, My children, pray this Rosary, so that at the end My Immaculate Heart may triumph, and I, the Victorious Queen of the world, may, as soon as possible, sit on the throne which belongs to Me, and then rule over the whole earth, elevating it to God...

My children, pray the 'Rosary of Triumph' every day... (pause)

I wish to finally say that this Grace that you have had, so many Rosaries 'heavenly' revealed, nobody else has received in this world...

Therefore, much more than happy, feel 'Blessed', and thank the Lord with Me, who has left Me time to stay with you and teach you to pray with LOVE, to fight with LOVE, to win with LOVE...

When I am no longer with you, these 'Rosaries' will give you 'strength' not to be discouraged... Hold on to them, so that on the 'DAY of My Triumph, I will see all of you in 'RESURRECTION and LIFE', in 'ETERNAL JOY', that GOD will soon give you...

I bless you in the Name of the Father... of the Son... and of the Holy Spirit... (pause) I return to Heaven... The Holy Trinity calls Me... I leave My Peace...


Consecration Prayers


--★ ★--

Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

(Page 979 of the book “As Aparições de Jesus e Maria em Jacareí”)

Oh Sweet Jesus!

To Your everlasting Heart, we come to consecrate our home, the whole Church, our country, all that we are and all that we love...

O Jesus, You are the Good Shepherd of the Sheep, and under Your Wings we have come to take shelter, to be protected from temptation and all evil... Jesus, You are meek and humble of heart! Make us also docile, so that we may work more and more for the Peace of the world, and the coming of the Kingdom of Love... Jesus, You have a Gentle and Soft heart, and Arms sweeter than a honeycomb!

Receive us Jesus! Receive our weary and downcast hearts from the battles against evil... Strengthen our spirit!

Give us to drink the Living Water of the Holy Spirit, that flows from Your Sacred Heart! We want to adore You in the Eucharist, praying the Rosary of the Eucharist, redressing You and removing the thorns that ungrateful sinners carve into You...

Glory be to You, Lord Jesus! Adoration and Praise to You! At Your Return, let us be welcomed in Your Arms, in an eternal embrace of Love...

Oh Jesus, meek and humble, Good Shepherd... and Eternal Love!



--★ ★--

Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

(Page 980 of the book “As Aparições de Jesus e Maria em Jacareí”)

O Immaculate Heart of Mary, Full of Tenderness and Mercy, in Your Light we come to give You our whole life, all that we are and all that we have...

Queen and Messenger of Peace , Your Immaculate and Peaceful Heart desires nothing more than Peace in the world , and the return of humanity to God ...

We want to pray the Holy Rosary every day; participate fervently in the Holy Mass, in the Eucharist; in living the Word of God, and in the most perfect obedience to your Messages of the Apparitions of Jacareí ...

We consecrate to you the children, the young people, the families, and all humanity...

Grant, O Mother of Peace, that many souls may return to Jesus through our witness, and that the day of the Triumph of Your Heart may come quickly!

Virgin Most Pure, pray for Peace to the whole world!

Come quickly, Mother! Come quickly with Jesus to save us!

You the Tender, You the Loving, You the Sweet Virgin Mary!



--★ ★--

Consecration to the Holy Spirit

(Page 982 of the book “As Aparições de Jesus e Maria em Jacareí”)

I adore You Holy Spirit. To You I surrender my soul.

You are the Sweet Peace of my spirit.

You are the fire that consumes me.

You are the Light that absorbs me.

You are the force that moves me.

You are the Light of my eyes.

In You I dive, Divine Friend. In You I trust. To You I consecrate myself.

I surrender my strength entirely to You!

I submit my will to Your Grace!

I give you my heart forever and I will never ask for it again.

Through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, on the Virginal Altar of the Soul of Mary, I surrender my life so that it may be consumed by You, as a sweet song to Your ears, as incense pleasing to Your Divinity, and as an offering of Love to You.

O Holy Spirit who hovered over the world at the instant of creation, come upon me and generate in me Jesus Christ the Wisdom Incarnate, the Eternal Word of God, the infinite Life.

Through Mary, with Mary and in Mary.



Holy Hours


--★ ★--

Holy Hour of Peace

To be prayed every day 8:00 PM

Rosary of Peace

Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Consecration to the Holy Spirit


--★ ★--

Hour of Saint Joseph

To be prayed every Sunday at 9:00 PM

Some Messages from St. Joseph about His Hour of Prayer

"-Give yourselves to Me, as docile instruments. Go everywhere taking My messages, making My Holy Hour of Prayer every Sunday, and bringing this My Hour to the knowledge of everyone, so that everyone prays it, so that everyone does it. Through this Hour, My LOVING HEART will triumph, as it is already beginning to triumph in so many souls and homes, which have prayed My Hour, loyally and faithfully every Sunday. What wonders I will do, when the whole world knows My Holy Hour of Prayer! Soon the world will know the overwhelming strength and power of My Holy HOUR OF PRAYER!.... (St. Joseph 10/02/2008)

"...Pray for the nations of the earth, pray for peace, keep doing my hour every Sunday, I am already pouring graces into many hearts that have started doing it, but they are still few, more people need to do it, and spread it, so that I can stop the wave of destruction of families that is spreading like a cancer over the earth." (St. Joseph 11/05/2003)

"...Continue to do My Hour every Sunday. The Hour of Peace and My Hour, will be so much stronger and will have so much more effectiveness the greater the Faith with which you do them. Yes, the degree of effectiveness of these prayers, is also related to the degree of faith you have in them." (St. Joseph 04/04/2004)

"...Continue with My Hour on Sundays. Upon those who do it faithfully, full indulgence descends today. Today, I promise to cover the families who are faithful to Me in My Hour of prayer. My most loving Heart has never been so enlarged as here, in this holy place. This is My favorite place. Here, I will perform the greatest wonders of grace within souls." (St. Joseph 10/02/2006)

" - My Heart is the source of peace for this world without peace. For the soul that wishes to please the Most High perfectly I offer the efficacious means and the only certain one. True consecration and devotion to my most loving Heart. To have it, three things are necessary: First, surrender yourself completely to me and allow yourself to be meekly guided by me. Second, imitate my virtues and obey my Messages promptly. If the soul does this, I can lead it to perfect glorification of the Lord and true life in God. I am ready to take all who will give themselves to Me to raise them to greater heights of the inner life in God." (St. Joseph 03/04/2006)

"...He who says to me, St. Joseph, St. Joseph, but does not make my hour of prayer, does not obey my messages will not enter the kingdom of heaven. He will not receive the crown of eternal reward. So, if you want to be saved, be truly obedient to us and love us sincerely. To all of you today I leave my blessing and my Peace." (St. Joseph 11/06/2006)


--★ ★--

Hour of the Holy Spirit

To be prayed every Monday at 9:00 PM

Message of the Divine Holy Spirit in Jacareí

04/06/2006 Feast of Pentecost

Today I come to grant one more wonder of My excessive love for mankind: MY HOUR. I want the Hour of the Holy Spirit to be done every Monday at 9 o'clock in the evening. It should begin with 10 minutes of contemplation of My person followed by My rosary, the reading of a message from Me, a reflection, a consecration to Me, and finally a song in My honor. I promise that I will be present wherever it is done pouring copiously My light and grace. Chosen, this is your new mission from now on. This is one more grace I grant you and this place because of the predilection I have for you and for him and also because of the excessive love of My dear Mary and My Beloved Joseph for you. Peace.


--★ ★--

Hour of the Holy Angels of God

To be prayed every Tuesday at 9:00 PM

16th Anniversary of the Jacareí Apparitions

3rd Apparition of this day

Message from Our Lady

"-Son, in this last visitation of this day, We come to give the blessing to you and to Our beloved children!

Son, the hour has come! It is Our desire and solemn command: That every Tuesday at 9:00 p.m., the HOUR OF THE HOLY ANGELS be done; when numerous graces of conversion and salvation will be poured out over the whole earth!

The HOUR OF THE HOLY ANGELS should begin:

With 10 minutes of meditation on the Holy Angels;

Followed by the Crown of the Holy Angels, that you will compose and present to us;

Message of the Holy Angels;

Sung Litany of the Holy Angels, invoking the Angels who appeared here;

Supplication to the Holy Angels;

Consecration to the Holy Angels, and;

Final Chant!

Where this HOUR is done, copious blessings will descend from our Hearts. The Holy Angels will be drawn to where It is done and will protect the people, homes and places where This Holy Prayer is heard.

The Holy Angels will expel and bind the evil spirits, where This HOUR is made, especially; the demon asmodeus, destroyer of the family and youth.

This HOUR will shake and annihilate hell, with its hordes and plans.

Start now, son! So that as soon as possible, the HOUR OF THE HOLY ANGELS will be done and propagated.

This HOUR will free many captives of the devil and prepare the souls and the world, for the Triumph of our Hearts!

Son peace! Our Beloved, peace...".

THE HOUR OF THE HOLY ANGELS was recorded on CD by the seer Marcos Tadeu just as Our Lady wishes us to do. This CD is available at the Shrine of the Apparitions in Jacareí


--★ ★--

Hour of the Saints

To be prayed every Wednesday at 9:00 PM

Excerpt of the Message of Saint Prudentiana
At the Apparitions of Jacareí on February 17, 2013

"...I, PRUDENTIANA, am always with you! I am very close to you when you pray the HOUR OF THE SAINTS every Wednesday. At that HOUR, I promise that special graces will be poured by Me into your souls. This HOUR OF THE SAINTS that Marcos made for you is an hour that unites Heaven and Earth, in that moment the demons fall paralyzed to the ground leaving in peace the souls that they had imprisoned, we free many possessed of the devil, we bring back many sinners to the path of grace and salvation, and we make it rain from Heaven upon all of you and upon your homes a great shower of graces and blessings that only in Heaven can you know and evaluate how abundant it is. So, persevere in it! In that hour I am closer to your hearts than ever before! And it is enough that you think of Me and I already immediately run to meet you with all the graces and blessings that I can bring you through the merits of My martyrdom and My suffering."

God's Saints

(06/21/07) Daily Apparition 6:30 PM

1st public participation, authorized by Our Lady on 6/16/07 during the Cenacle of Reparation on Saturday.

(Mary Most Holy): "- Marcos, it is I, your most loving MOTHER, who once again comes down from Heaven to bless you and fill you with graces...

As I told you a few days ago, today I bring you something new, something very good! It will fill your soul with new graces, and also the souls of My children, who obey My desire and My Order with LOVE and readiness!

I wish that on every Wednesday, from now on, at 9 o'clock in the evening, right after the HOUR OF PEACE the:


This Hour of Prayer, which will be to honor the Saints! To pray to them! To ask for Their powerful help, so that all of you may also be sanctified and achieve the PERFECT LOVE towards GOD, LOVE that They had!!!

This Hour will be potent, potent against hell, it will extinguish the:

• Heresies;

• It will combat the errors;

• It will shake the languid and soft souls;

• It will dispel the darkness: of error, paganism, atheism, hedonism, materialism.

• And it will transform many timid, weak, and vacillating souls into souls that are faithful, fervent, ardent, and above all courageous in the service of the LORD, in obedience to My messages, in LOVE for GOD, and in LOVE for the salvation of souls.

St. Teresa de Ávila, St. Antonio de Padova, St. Francesco d'Assisi, St. Ciara d'Assisi

The 'HOUR OF THE SAINTS' will make many souls become friends of the Saints! Think more about HEAVEN!

Think more about Holiness!

Desire Holiness!

And above all, fix your sights on the Saints, always trying to become like them!

With the 'HOUR OF THE SAINTS' many graces will be poured from Heaven over souls! Many souls will achieve true spiritual miracles, which will transform them into extremely beautiful and pleasant souls to the Eyes of GOD! ....

With the 'HOUR OF THE SAINTS', discords will be overcome and PEACE will be established in the hearts and homes, where it is done with LOVE and DEVOTION...

With the 'HOUR OF THE SAINTS', many souls will feel in their hearts, a burning LOVE for GOD and for ME! And a SINCERE DESIRE to perform HOLY works, to Glorify GOD and to Glorify My Name following the example of the Saints they will honor and contemplate.

You, My son, will do this Hour! You will do the SERVICE of the Saints as you did that of the ANGELS! I will inspire you, you will be inspired in your prayers, and you will understand how I want you to compose the Prayers and the Invocations of the decades... You will make the Rosary with 6 (six) decades, honoring in each one of the decades a different SAINT.

You will ask for things for the soul;

You will ask for virtues;

You will ask for sanctity;

You will ask for what is good for the catholic;

You will ask for what pleases GOD!

Through this HOUR, through this CHAPLET of the Saints, many souls will have TRUE LOVE for Holiness! And true contempt for the world's wrong way of living! And these souls will then surely advance towards GOD...

I will be with you My child, in the 'HOUR OF THE SAINTS', you will have a few minutes of meditation on the messages They have given here! Then at the CHAPLET, you will place one of the Messages that the Saints have given here. Then you will put an excerpt from the 'Imitation of Christ'. And then the Consecration to the Saints, so that everyone will give themselves to THEM and by THEM be guarded, protected, and guided. And so that all then, by giving themselves completely to the Saints, renounce once and for all the world and give themselves totally to the LOVE of GOD!

In this way My dear son, Holiness will become more accessible to all My children who make it....

My IMMACULATE HEART has never been so enlarged in the world, as here in this Place! That is why I never tire of offering new Graces and new means to help your souls, to overcome the world, the devil and the flesh and thus reach the Glory of Heaven triumphant!

According to one of the Messages I gave in January 1994, within the most urgent 'Twenty Messages', the 'HOUR OF THE SAINTS' on Wednesday is one more proof of My great LOVE for all of you!

PEACE My dear son... PEACE to all of you!

I bless you..."


--★ ★--

Hour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Every Friday at 9:00 PM

Revelation of the Hour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Message of Mary Most Holy

05/25/2008 Anniversary of the Apparitions of Caravaggio

My children. Today, as you contemplate Me in My APPARITION in CARAVAGGI, to My little daughter GIANNETTA VACCHI, and you are already celebrating this event; I again invite you to 'True Love' that pleases GOD...

Imitate My little daughter GIANETTA and her love, in her readiness, in all that I say in My Messages! Imitate... My seers, My Saints, who in all their lives: loved Me, served Me; without placing any restriction or condition in their love for Me!

Follow Me along the path of Holiness the way of Love... the way of Perfection! Try to have in you all the virtues, so that your soul is not a swamp where only death reigns. But may your souls be a garden; where every flower grows, opens, blossoms, and exhales the heavenly perfume of GOD's grace!

I invite you, from now on, to pray more, so that the 2nd WORLD PENTECOST may be hastened, and so that my Immaculate Heart may triumph as soon as possible, purifying and renewing this world.

Do not doubt even for an instant, My children.... My HEART will triumph! And this atheistic society that has become pagan again, contrary to GOD and to His Word; WILL DISAPPEAR to give place to the new humanity, to the new society where I will be Absolute Queen and where GOD will again be Worshipped, Served and Loved as in the Beginning of Creation, when there was no sin!

My HEART will triumph, whether men believe it or not! Whether men expect it or not.... My Immaculate Heart will finally be Lord of all souls and hearts.

To hasten this Triumph My beloved Marcos, I want to ask one new thing:

I want you to make for these My children "THE HOUR OF THE SACRED HEART OF JESUS", every Friday at 9 o'clock in the evening .

Sacred Heart of Jesus

In this HOUR you will include the Adoration of the Holy Cross, which on Fridays should always be done by My children, with love!

You can put in this Hour of Prayer, the Rosary of the Sacred Heart; or the Rosary of the Passion; or the Rosary of the Holy Hearts; or the Rosary of the Divine Mercy; I leave this to your taste.

Then, you will put a Message from My Divine Son JESUS CHRIST, given at these apparitions.

You will also put before the Rosary, 10 minutes of meditation, so that My children can truly dive into the Ocean of Mercy and Grace of My Son JESUS!

You will intersperse with Adoration, you will intersperse with Prayers of Reparation and Atonement. And finally, with a brief Consecration to the HOLY HEART of my SON.

In this way, you will give great Glory, great Praise, and great Reparation to the HEART OF JESUS! And with this most powerful Prayer, you will accelerate the Triumph of our UNITED HEARTS throughout the world!

I know that you will do this one more great Work for Me, by which and this place will be raised to a dignity without equal in the whole world. And with this great Work, know, My son, the TRIUMPH OF THE SACRED HEART of MY SON united with MINE, prophesied from Paray-Le-Monial until today, will surely come true!... I promise you!

Go My most beloved and dearest Son, to whom I can entrust and entrust great tasks, for I know I will never be disappointed!

Go, do what I tell you and you will see... how the HEART of My DIVINE SON will bring down a flood of MERCY, upon you and upon the whole world...

Peace Marcos...

Excerpt from the Message of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Given on 06/08/2008

Let your souls be My living Tabernacle, where I can rest and can truly dwell there forever!

I desire to rest in you... this is why I have asked you through My Mother for "THE HOUR OF MY SACRED HEART", so that every Friday, for at least 1 hour I can rest in your souls!

Give Me rest, by praying this Hour of Prayer with love and faithfulness!

Give Me rest and lodging, welcome for at least 1 hour!

Give Me love, like that sinner who washed My feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair... In My HOLY HOUR every Friday, do this to Me. Detach Me from the Cross for a few moments, that I may rest in you, as I rested in the lap of My MOTHER descended from the Cross.

May your souls be a new cradle for Me, where I may enter and rest!

And I tell you My children, that your reward will be an increase of unitive life with Me, which will grow more and more each day, until it reaches fullness in eternity...


--★ ★--

Hour of the Tears of Our Lady

Every Saturday at 7:00 PM

Revelation of the Hour of Our Lady's Tears

Message of Mary Most Holy

07/22/2012 Anniversary of the Birth of Saint Amalia Aguirre

So many souls consecrated to god have become Judas priests, have become Judas consecrated souls, and this is why I showed my little daughter Pierina Gilli in Montichiari, my breast, my heart pierced by three huge swords. And how many of my catholic children, too, who no longer pray, who have replaced prayer with amusements and pleasures, and who have turned themselves into swamps of impurity with their bad way of living. It is because of them that I have shown my heart pierced by three huge swords here, above all, because they do not accept my messages, they deny them, they deny my apparitions, and they join the souls consecrated to god, the priests and religious who deny, who persecute my apparitions, who discredit my tears even of blood and the extraordinary signs that I give you here and in so many places in the world to awaken you from the sleep of sin where you are fallen and to call you all to the path of conversion, to the path of repentance and to return to god.

Our Lady of Tears

This is why my heart is always pierced by sharp swords of pain and my heart is covered with sorrow, full of bitterness.

I therefore call you to imitate my little daughter Amalia Aguirre who on earth was a perfect seraphim of love for My Immaculate Heart.

Imitate her love and her goodness, her purity.

Imitate her ever-ready obedience to everything I told her in my messages!

She fought like never before to make me loved and known with the title with which I appeared to her: "The Lady of Tears"

She was hindered and obstructed and so many of her efforts were reduced to nothing. But here, in My Apparitions in Jacareí, I have raised up a new Apostle of my Tears, my son Marcos, to resurrect all that I had told and entrusted to my little daughter Amalia Aguirre so many decades before.

How I am eternal, immortal, invincible together with god. The devil cannot destroy my works.

So here after so many decades with my new Apostle, I will finally make my blessed Tears triumph in the souls, in the families, in the hearts of all my children!

So I want, I want from all my children on saturdays at 7 o'clock in the evening:

The Hour of My Tears

For in that hour of my great solitude I shed many, many tears for the death of my Son.

You shall pray the Chaplet of Tears as I taught it to my little daughter Amalia Aguirre, meditating on my messages, consoling My Immaculate Heart and consecrating yourselves to me through and by virtue of My Blessed Tears.

If you do this I promise truly my children, to accomplish in your lives great wonders and works of grace. I promise to grant you whatever you ask me for through the Chaplet of My Tears. And if you are faithful in praying it every day I promise:

• that I will lead you safely to heaven and that you will never know what the torments of hell and the devouring flames of hellfire are.

• Through the Chaplet of My Tears I will succor you at all times of your life.

• I will be present in all your sufferings.

• I will give you protection against all your enemies.

• And I will lead you along the path of perfection and holiness, making all the mystical flowers of the christian virtues grow in your souls!

I give much to you because here I am much loved, much consoled, much obeyed and much served first of all by my little Son Marcos, the Great Apostle of My Tears, and then, by you my children, who love me, who console me, who obey my messages, who spread them and pray the Chaplet of My Tears every day...