The Apparitions of Rosa Mistica at Montichiari and Fontanelle

1944-1976, Montichiari, Brescia, Italy

The Early Life of Pierina Gilli

Pierina Gilli was born on August 3, 1911 in Montichiari (Brescia), in the town of S. Giorgio and died at the age of almost 80 on January 12, 1991, still in Montichiari, in the town of Boschetti. Her father, Gilli Pancrazio, was a farmer. The mother, Bartoli Rosa (she died in 1962) raised in poverty and in the fear of God nine children from a first (three children) and a second marriage after the death of her first husband in 1918 as a result of the First World War.

There was nothing extraordinary about Pierina's childhood. However, she belonged to the category of souls privileged by the charisma of private revelations; souls characterized by simplicity, poverty and suffering.

Suffering that for Pierina was at first connected with poverty and poor health, and then became excruciating, paying personally for the message entrusted to her by Mary "Mystical Rose": prayer, sacrifice, suffering.

The first great suffering was when, at the age of seven, she saw her exhausted father return from captivity at the end of the First Great War. He had returned not to be the joy of the family, but to die shortly after in the hospital.

Pierina (pictured left), along with her parents and siblings from her mother's wedding

From 1918 to 1922 she lived in the Orphanage of the Handmaids of Charity where at the age of eight she received her first Holy Communion. At the age of eleven, although she continued to attend fourth grade, she had to return to her family: her mother had remarried out of responsibility for her children and a nest of children needed the care of her older sister.

When Pierina was twelve years old, poverty forced the family to move to another farmhouse, where she lived with another family. It was here that her purity was exposed to pitfalls that made her suffer immensely, but which she overcame through an evident intervention of divine grace.

When the father of the other family found the twelve year old girl alone, he paid attention to her, which soon revealed his true intentions. Pierina did not want to tell her mother so as not to provoke discord between the two families. On the other hand, her mother and the children stayed in the barn in the afternoons to knit and sew as the peasants did, and sent Pierina to the kitchen to light the fire and prepare dinner.

On the one hand, the poor girl feared to meet that man alone, and on the other hand, not wanting to obey, she exposed herself to reproaches and even to blows, passing for disobedient and obstinate. One day, believing that the man was far away, she went into the kitchen singing the litanies of Our Lady, when suddenly she felt herself being grabbed from behind and thrown to the ground. With a superhuman effort and invoking Our Lady, she managed to get free and escape, while she felt threatened: "If you talk I will kill you!"

Still terrified, she told everything to her mother who kissed her on the forehead, as if to repay her for having treated her as a disobedient person, and for the future she committed herself to being vigilant, avoiding Pierina the tasks in which she would have found herself alone. It was on that occasion that Pierina's intention to become a nun was born for the first time. But adolescence was not the age for definitive decisions. In her diary, Pierina describes with simplicity the crisis she went through at the age of seventeen, when she attended the establishment. Prayer was no longer her intimate consolation; she neglected pious practices. Above all, she was dominated by vanity, deluding herself that she was admired for her dress and deportment. A white coral necklace given to her by an aunt, after having been the ostentation of a festive day, was the occasion of a deep remorse. Helped by the strict advice of her confessor, she overcame that crisis. The necklace, transformed into a rosary, remained for the rest of Pierina's life as a reminder of her commitment to be wholly of the Lord.

Pierina (the first one standing on the left of the photo) with her mother and father from her mother's second marriage

Message of Love of “Mystical Rose” “Prayer, Sacrifice, Penance”

The First Apparition of St. Maria Crocifissa

December 17, 1944

Pierina Gilli was 33 years old on August 14, 1944 when she entered the Handmaids of Charity as a postulant, but after three months of service as a nurse at the Children's Hospital in Brescia, she was struck down by a serious form of meningitis and admitted in isolation to the Ronco Infirmary.

After twelve days of unconsciousness, having received as far as possible the last sacraments, while her death was expected, she had her first apparition of Saint Maria Crocifissa Di Rosa (then Blessed), foundress of the Handmaids of Charity, on her feast day, December 17.

From Pierina's diary:

"On the morning of December 17, 1941, the first recollection after twelve days, I heard the door of my little room open and opening my eyes I looked and saw a nun dressed in black enter who I believed to be the Rev. Mother of the house, because I did not know any nuns in that house. Then said nun approached me and said:

'How are you, Pierina?' I replied, 'My head hurts a lot.' She said to me, 'This little jar (because she was holding a little white jar in her hands) was given to me by a Lady to anoint you. The pain that you feel in your head will continue a little longer... you will have a bare cross to bear, then you will be cured' (then she beckoned me to place myself on my right side, She herself (the Nun) anointed the sick part (back and head).

I thanked her and she smiled at me and left the room. After a short time another nun came into the room dressed in white and this was the nurse; seeing me with my eyes open (because I had been in a complete comatose state for forty hours) she approached me and asked me how I was feeling. I replied. 'I am better!' Then she asked me if I wanted to take Holy Communion, offered me a cup of coffee, and was amazed when she saw me sitting up in bed without needing any help and hearing me speak freely.

Before the nun left I asked her to call Rev. Mother, because I wanted to thank her.... In reality neither the Rev. Mother nor any other nun had been to see me to give me this medicine. Then the nuns understood that it could only have been the Blessed Sister Maria Crocifissa Di Rosa, their Foundress, whom they were celebrating on that day."

Saint Maria Crocifissa Di Rosa

It was the Holy Foundress who procured the first encounters with Our Lady "Mystical Rose" and later appeared countless times to Pierina to comfort and advise her.

(Mary "Mystical Rose" blesses her children from the Chapel of the source)

First Apparition of the Madonna with Three Swords Thrust into Her Chest

November 24, 1946

Pierina was serving as a nurse at the Montichiari Hospital with the Sisters Handmaids of Charity.

In mid-November 1946 she was struck by very strong pains and vomiting, symptoms of intestinal obstruction, for which surgery was imminent.

From Pierina's diary:

"The night of November 23 to 24, just when I felt my life was lacking, around three o'clock I heard someone approaching. Then I opened my eyes to see who it was, and to my great surprise I saw a nun whom I recognized, the one I had seen the year before at Ronco, who asked me how I was feeling. I answered that I was very worried, because I felt I was dying and because I knew I was going to undergo a serious operation, knowing that it was so difficult and dangerous, so (I feared) I could not get through it.

Then the nun (Blessed Maria Crocifissa) told me to call the Rev. Mother and five other nuns, who would have to recite the Holy Rosary and I would be healed in the meantime, that is, my intestines would be unblocked. Then with her left hand the Blessed One beckoned me to look into a corner of the room. At that moment I saw a beautiful Lady, as if transparent, dressed in purple with a veil covering Her head and going down to Her feet, white in color; She held Her arms open and so one could see three swords which were stuck to Her chest in correspondence with Her heart.

Blessed M. Crocifissa then told me that this Lady was Our Lady, who was asking me for prayers, sacrifices and sufferings to make reparation for the sins of three categories of souls consecrated to God.

First: for religious souls who betray their vocation,

Second: to repair the mortal sin of these souls,

Third: to repair the betrayal of priests who make themselves unworthy of their Sacred Ministry.

She especially recommended to me the sanctification of priests, telling me, "If these will be holy, many souls will be sanctified."

While Blessed Maria Crocifissa was speaking in this manner, the beautiful Lady came a little closer and I could see two large tears fall from Her eyes and I heard Her sweet voice saying: "Prayer, sacrifice and penance". As I contemplated those sweet and gentle figures instantly disappeared."

The three swords with their interpretation are the key that explains the purpose of Pierina's very serious suffering before seeing the three swords replaced by three roses.

The particular message for Pierina will become a proposal of "Mystical Rose" for all religious communities: prayer, penance, suffering to repair and eliminate the infidelities of consecrated persons.

Note that in this first apparition Our Lady is seen by Pierina "as transparent" that is, as an image in vision.

In subsequent apparitions Our Lady will be seen like St. Maria Crocifissa, that is, as a present person.

Pierina Gilli in 1946

Second Apparition of the Madonna with Three Swords Thrust into Her Chest

June 1, 1947

After a month of penances on the part of Pierina, a nurse at the Hospital of Montichiari, and persecutions by demons, the same night of the terrible vision of hell.

From Pierina's diary, with a few omissions:

"Around three fifteen o'clock on June 1, 1947 I was awakened by a slight noise. I opened my eyes and saw in the corner of my room a nun dressed in black. I recognized her. I woke up the Mother and Sister and said to them, 'The Mother Foundress is here'.

I got up, knelt down, and behold, to the right of the Blessed One, Our Lady appeared to me no longer "transparent" but as a living person, dressed in purple, with a large white veil covering Her from head to toe, Her arms outstretched so that I could see three swords thrust into Her chest.

The Blessed Foundress was kneeling on the left. I asked the Blessed Virgin to show herself also to the Mother and Sister present.

Our Lady answered: 'Tell them that they will see us more beautiful in Paradise'. Saying this, She stretched Her arms forward as a sign of protection and smiled at me.

The Blessed Virgin then said to me: 'The penance you have done in these days was requested by Our Lady in reparation for the offenses the Lord receives from consecrated souls who live in sin... Your great sufferings together with the vision of hell have had the purpose of making known to you the gravity of mortal sin in souls consecrated to Jesus and chosen by His love. The sufferings of these days have helped to snatch some of our religious from the power of the devil. There still remains "one" for whom prayers, sacrifices and penance are still necessary. You will continue to sleep on the floor during the nights from Thursday to Friday, until the spiritual exercises of the second group...'

'You will tell the Superior General that the Blessed Virgin be honored in our Institute by forming among the religious many living roses. That is, there should be three sisters in each community who offer themselves as mystical roses.'

🌹 'First: White Rose, that is, the spirit of prayer to repair the offenses that religious who betray their vocation give to Our Lord.'

🌹 'Second: Red Rose, that is, spirit of sacrifice to repair the offenses given to Our Lord by the religious who live in mortal sin.

🌹 'Third: Yellow-Gold Rose, that is, spirit of total immolation to repair the offenses given to Our Lord by Judas priests, and in particular for the sanctification of priests.'

'These three roses will be the ones that will make the three swords fall from the Most Holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary.'

The vision slowly disappeared, leaving me so much peace in my soul."

Pierina Gilli

First Apparition of the Madonna with Three Roses on Her Chest

July 13, 1947

From Pierina's diary with omissions:

"It was about four o'clock in the morning on July 13 (in the room at the hospital in Montichiari). I was already in prayer, having already been warned in time by Blessed Sister Maria Crocifissa that Our Lady was coming. I had a few Sisters with me.

In the meantime the Blessed One came and invited me to recite the act of sorrow, then after a little silence, she turned her head to the right in sign of expectation as if she were waiting for someone. And suddenly there was again that light rustling, which I don't know what to compare it to, like a gentle wind that comes towards the person, which in itself already gives a sense of joy without realizing why.

After this sweet warning, I saw a beautiful light, very bright, which split in the middle like a cloud that lets the rays of the sun shine through. Behold, in the midst of this light I saw a beautiful Lady appear, dressed in white, as if in the finest satin, which in the same splendor of the white garment had silvery reflections of light.

A white mantle, fixed under Her throat as if by a hook, descended from Her head to Her feet, allowing a glimpse of a few wavy tufts of light brown hair on Her forehead. Both the mantle and the dress were equal in whiteness and the border slightly embroidered in gold. I say embroidered, because it was the formation of an embroidery, but formed by another gold-colored transparency of light, which formed like an embroidery.

As soon as I saw her I was not ashamed to find myself in Her presence full of sins, indeed Her gaze so full of goodness infused my soul with so much joy, that I could not help exclaiming:

'Oh! How beautiful She is!' I imagined myself approaching Her, so that She might take me with Her to Paradise (...) From Her gaze I understood that my desire to go with Her was not accepted. So I was the first to speak. Although I was certain that it was Our Lady, I wanted to ask:

'Tell me in song, who are you?' What a smile of satisfaction She gave me! With Her majestic attitude She invited me to trust Her, and with great sweetness She answered me:

'I am the Mother of Jesus and the Mother of you all.' (...) What a heavenly face Our Lady had! So many people I have seen, never have I found anyone like it. She was so beautiful, with very fine features, a rosy complexion and dark eyes. It was impossible for me to understand Her age. The appearance of the person was not that of a young girl; Her delicate face was indeed young, but from Her personal majesty one could judge Her to be 20-25 or even 30 years old.

(...) As she said this, Our Lady opened Her arms, which until then She had held together. In opening Her arms and with them Her mantle She showed me that the three swords that She had pointed at Her heart the previous time were no longer there. In fact, in their place stood out three beautiful roses: white, red and yellow with gold highlights.

Our Lady Rosa Mistica

I spontaneously lowered my eyes and saw three swords at Our Lady's feet, in the midst of many roses of the same color as those on Her chest.

Raising my eyes again, I saw that the roses had branched out and formed a niche and Our Lady was inside this beautiful rose garden, whereas before I had only seen Her with the light around Her.

I was filled with so much joy when I saw that Our Lady no longer had the three swords stuck in Her heart.

(...) She resumed telling me in an "authoritative" tone of voice with which She transmitted a command that She had received from Our Lord:

'Our Lord sends Me to bring a new Marian Devotion to all Religious Institutes and Congregations, both male and female, and also to secular priests' (...) When I asked Her the explanation of secular priests (because to tell the truth I believed that Friars and Priests were one and the same thing), immediately Our Lady gave me a smile that inspired more confidence (...) and answered me:

'They are those who live in their homes, although they are Ministers of God, while the others live in Monasteries or Congregations.'

Here Her gaze rose, She spread it as if embracing something far away and always with a smile She continued to say: 'I promise those religious Institutes or Congregations that will honor Me the most: that they will be protected by Me, and will have a greater flowering of vocations and fewer betrayed vocations, fewer souls who offend the Lord with grave sin, and great holiness in the Ministers of God.'

(...) As I said, Her gaze was not directed only towards me, but it was as if She were speaking to many people, and She said:

'I desire that the 13th day of each month should be the Marian Day, to which special prayers of preparation for 12 days should be premised.'

Here Her expression changed, She became sad: 'This day must be in reparation for the offenses committed against Our Lord by consecrated souls who, by their faults, cause three sharp swords to penetrate My heart and the heart of My Divine Son.'

(...) She resumed Her delicate smile and continued to say: 'On that day I will bring down upon the Institutes or Religious Congregations that have honored Me an abundance of grace and holiness of vocations.'

'May this day be sanctified with special prayers, such as Holy Mass, Holy Communion, the Rosary, and the Hour of Adoration.'

'I desire that the day July 13 of each year be celebrated by every Institute that in every Congregation or Religious Institute there be souls living with a great spirit of prayer, to obtain that no vocation be betrayed.' (Here it seemed that the white rose that was on Her chest stood out more to demonstrate this meaning).

After a moment's pause, still firm in Her attitude and with clasped hands She continued:

'I also desire that there may be other souls who live of generosity and love to sacrifices, trials, humiliations, to make reparation for the offenses that Our Lord receives from consecrated souls living in mortal sin.' (Here the red rose that was on Our Lady's chest, seemed to stand out more and demonstrate its significance).

Then Our Lady paused for another moment and resuming said:

'I still desire that other souls sacrifice their lives totally in reparation for the betrayals which Our Lord receives from the Judas priests.' (Here also the yellow-gold rose gave a lively expression of itself).

(...) After a little pause, Our Lady continued, always with such delicacy and sweetness, to say:

'The immolation of these souls will obtain from My maternal Heart the sanctification of these Ministers of God and an abundance of graces on their Congregations.'

'I desire that this new devotion of Mine be extended to all religious Institutes.'

Here Our Lady was silent for a while. Then with a smile of complacency and with Her gaze on Blessed Sister Maria Crocifissa She said:

'I chose this Institute first, because the Foundress of it is "Di Rosa" who infused her Daughters with the spirit of charity, so that these are like so many little roses, the symbol of charity.' Here She smiled with joy: 'That is why I appear surrounded by a rose garden.'

Then, on behalf of the Mother Superior, I asked Our Lady for an external miracle as a testimony to Her coming.

Our Lady answered me with sadness:

'The most evident miracle will take place when these consecrated souls, who for a long time and especially during the war have been relaxed in spirit, so as to betray their vocation and attract chastisements and persecutions by their serious faults, as is currently happening against the Church, cease to gravely offend Our Lord and return to relive the primitive spirit of the holy Founders.'

Our Lady remained silent and gave the floor to Blessed Sister M. Crocifissa and signaled her to speak with such a delicate gesture.

(...) While Blessed Sister M. Crocifissa spoke and made her last recommendations, Our Lady, even more smiling and so humble, seemed to show that Her task as Messenger was over, but She indicated to us with a slight hint, to do what Di Rosa came to recommend (...).

Slowly, slowly the light faded and the beautiful figure of Our Lady and Sister M. Crocifissa faded from my eyes."

Our Lady Rosa Mistica

First Apparition in the Cathedral of Montichiari

November 16, 1947

It was Sunday and Pierina, after Holy Mass at 7 o'clock and Holy Communion, had stopped for thanksgiving.

Priests Don Luigi Bonomini, her confessor, and Don Virgilio Seneci, the parish priest, had just come out of the confessionals and other people were still in the main church of Montichiari, commonly called "the Duomo".

From Pierina's diary:

"All of a sudden a strong flash of light took my eyes off the book and I spontaneously looked at what had happened in the church.... To my amazement I saw Our Lady far away and very high up, I would like to say on the high altar of the church, because the light with which She was surrounded took me away from seeing what was around.

I was near the altar of the Blessed Sacrament. The spontaneity came to me to leave the pew and go into the middle of the church, and I also joyfully informed the people near me that Our Lady was there. (..) It was Rosa Mistica (Mystical Rose). Equal in beauty and candor as the other times. Only it was further away from me, as I said, high up in the middle of a garden full of white, red and yellow roses.

So I walked in the middle of the church, I wanted to get close to Her. As I took my steps, She also approached me. Suddenly a force immobilized me and forced me to kneel down. (Later, when Our Lady disappeared, it was found that I was right in the middle of the Church). (...) I was quite close when She spoke to me, but She was very sad. I could hardly hear Her voice; it was as if She was distressed by a great work or pain, as if Her strength had diminished, and She said:

'Our Lord, My Divine Son Jesus is tired of receiving great offenses from men for sins against purity. He would like to send a deluge of chastisements. I intervened so that He might still have mercy, so I ask for prayer and penance in reparation for these sins.'

Then Our Lady beckoned me with Her hand to come closer, I obeyed by dragging myself on my knees on the floor, because I felt that I didn't have the strength to get up. (...) I stopped for a while and She beckoned me to come closer, and said:

'As a sign of penance and purification, make a cross with your tongue over four joined tiles, and let these tiles then be closed as a reminder of My visit, so that they may not be trodden on.'

I lowered myself and with my tongue I made the four crosses on the tiles. Then Our Lady beckoned me to move back a little. As soon as I had gone back a few steps, Our Lady descended to the floor just where I had traced the crosses. (...) She herself took the floor again, saying:

'I recommend that the purification table be covered with the white veil, so that it will not be touched by other hands and will remain a privilege for the hospital chapel! This is why in Bonate Our Lord, My Beloved Son Jesus has withdrawn His graces, because the consecrated place, instead of being a place of prayer, has been profaned and has become a plague of sins against purity, and the reality of My presence is denied.'

(...) Our Lady again gave a sigh of relief, as if She had won a victory, and said less sadly:

'I earnestly recommend to the priests that they exercise themselves with charity in recommending that men commit no more sins against purity. I will give My grace to those who will make reparation for these sins.'

Then I felt moved to confidence and said to Her, 'Then are we forgiven?'

She answered me with a slight smile: 'Yes, as long as we do not do these sins anymore.'

I asked for a blessing on Montichiari, on Italy, on the world, on the Pope, on priests, on religious souls.

Our Lady raised and extended Her hands as a sign of protection, smiled, and put Her hands together again. Then I asked Her to take me to Heaven soon. She smiled, but did not answer. She remained silent for a while and then, speaking to me softly, She recommended that I pray, do penance, and be generous in the sacrifices Our Lord asks of me. Then smiling and raising Her arms She said:

'If you will be generous, you will obtain greater graces even over the whole world.' Then slowly, slowly She put Her hands together again and with Her gaze turned to me She went away.

I didn't want Her to go away, but then another flash of light took Her from my eyes."

Cathedral of Montichiari

Second Apparition in the Cathedral of Montichiari

November 22, 1947

On November 22, around 12:30 p.m., Pierina was told by an internal voice, while she was praying in the hospital chapel, that at 4:00 p.m. Our Lady would meet her in the parish.

She immediately notified her Superior, who sent word to her confessor and the other priests. When Pierina and five sisters went to the Cathedral at the appointed time, she found that the priests and other people were already there: a meeting of Catholic Action had just ended.

From Pierina's diary:

"I began to recite the Holy Rosary. I was not yet halfway through when my eyes were struck by a flash of light and above, very bright, was the beautiful white Madonna dressed in white in the middle of the carpet of roses; everything was the same as on the morning of September 16.

I immediately said: 'There is Our Lady' and I left the pew where I was with the sisters; I went to the middle of the nave and immediately knelt down.

At the same time, as on the previous occasion, Our Lady came down from above, approached me and pointing the finger of Her right hand said to me:

'As a sign of penance and purification make four crosses with your tongue on those joined tiles' (They were the same ones Our Lady had already descended to).

I obeyed and Our Lady descended to earth for the second time.

(...) She smiled at me and raising Her eyes to Heaven and then bowing slightly towards the holy tabernacle (in a side altar), She turned to us and said:

'I come down to this place because here there will be great conversions. I recommend that these tiles be closed, that they may not be trodden upon.' Here, in a low voice, but full of goodness and confidence, She told me a personal secret concerning my future, a Message to the Holy Father and another secret. She recommended that I write everything down and keep the secret that would have to be revealed only when I died:

'I will come to warn you when you must unveil.' She paused for a while and with a face full of sadness and with eyes half-closed with pain She said:

'At this time the Christians of your Italian Nation are those who most offend Our Lord, My Divine Son Jesus, with sins against holy purity.' Then opening Her eyes and bending toward me, She said:

'Therefore the Lord asks you for prayer and generosity in sacrifices.'

I answered, "Yes." Here, seeing Her confidence in me, I remembered the recommendation that a priest had made to me, to ask Our Lady for an explanation about the first and third category of religious souls, so I said to Her:

'The Rev. priests do not know well the difference that passes between one and the other category' (...) With difficulty, as if it cost Her effort to repeat it, She said:

'The first category consists of religious souls both female and male who betray their vocation: the latter, however, the male ones are those who have not yet received Holy Orders.'

'The third category concerns instead consecrated priests who betray Our Lord like Judas.'

Then I said to Her: 'Do they betray Our Lord for the sake of money, or just like Judas?.' She answered:

'Just like Judas.'

By now I felt that I was so close to Her with confidence and asked Her:

'What must we do to carry out your order to pray and do penance?'

She remained silent for a few minutes and then continued: 'Penance, that is, accepting all the little crosses daily, even work as a sign of penance.' (...) With this very delicate expression of Hers, as a true and loving mother, She encouraged me to ask again and I told Her:

'In Bonate, what must be done in reparation for the sins committed?' She answered me: 'Pilgrimages should be made for three consecutive days from the church of Ponte S. Pietro to the place of the apparitions as a sign of penance and reparation. This should be reported directly to the Bishop of Bergamo.' She then remained a little in silence, then took on a look of triumph, as if brighter, and in a happy voice said:

'On the day of December 8, at noon I will come here again to the Parish, it will be the Hour of Grace.' She sent a flash of brighter light and said:

'Let the word of My coming be spread.' I was amazed, that is, I was in a great surprise and I was not ashamed to ask Her:

'Explain to me in song, what do you mean by Hour of Grace?' She smiled and answered me: 'The Hour of Grace will be an event of great and numerous conversions. You will tell this personally to Monsignor Bishop of Brescia.' Then She became serious again and emphasizing word for word, as if it were the most delicate recommendation, She said:

'I recommend that the sacred Purification be always covered with a white veil, so that it may no longer be touched by other hands.' Then She was silent; then I asked Her:

'What should we do in these days in preparation for this event?' (of December 8) She answered complacently:

'Prayer and penance. Let us recite the psalm Miserere three times every day with our arms open.' Then bending down towards me and smiling at me She said:

'What do you desire from the Lord?' 'For me nothing; I ask for the forgiveness of our sins.'

Our Lady smiled at me in satisfaction and said, 'Do you promise not to do any more sins?' I felt as if I had already become better and I answered Her with enthusiasm: 'Yes, on behalf of all of us I promise that we want commit no more sins.'

(...) Then, after a bit of fear, I asked Her for a special prayer for some people who were physically ill and others spiritually ill who had been recommended to me by their loved ones. Our Lady with Her sweet smile told me:

'Spiritual graces will be granted. Indeed, whoever will bring tears of repentance on these four tiles will obtain great mercy through Me from the Lord, My Divine Son Jesus.' Here Our Lady raised Her eyes to Heaven and in a voice of supplication, punctuating the words, said:

'Hardened souls, as cold as this marble, will be touched by divine grace and become faithful and true lovers of the Lord.'

(...) For this complex of such beautiful things I felt impelled to ask Her:

'Why do you come over these tiles?' She always answered with Her delicacy, but a little sadly in pronouncing the words: 'Because at least these tiles will not be profaned by sins as happens in other places of My apparitions. I recommend that on the 8th of December these tiles be protected at a distance of three meters around.'

She smiled at me for a long time and slowly raised herself up. Then I hastened to say to Her: 'Then shall we wait for you on the 8th of December?' She smiled at me, but answered no more. Then a cloud of light took Her away from me completely".

We note that the Confessor and Don Virgilio were present, as they had been the previous time, and this time they were told everything in the sacristy, except the secrets, and they remained incredulous and worried."

Montichiari Cathedral Interior

Third Apparition in the Cathedral of Montichiari

December 7, 1947

It was the eve of the great and public apparition promised for December 8; it was Sunday and many relatives had come to the hospital to greet Pierina.

While she was conversing with them, she heard an internal voice telling her to go to the Parish by midday because Our Lady was coming.

Having dismissed her relatives in advance, she alerted the Superior, Sister Luigia Romanin, who accompanied Pierina at the appointed time. The church was closing and, after the sacristans left, Pierina remained with her Superior and her confessor. The three of them recited the Miserere with open arms and began the Holy Rosary.

From Pierina's diary:

"All of a sudden I was struck by a glow. I realized that it was Our Lady's, I got out of the pew and immediately knelt down near the tiles, convinced that Our Lady would come there. In fact, I had the impression that She was already there waiting for me. Then She wasn't alone: Her white mantle, open, was supported on the sides, on the right by a beautiful child, also dressed in white, with a white ribbon around his forehead; on the left by a beautiful little girl also dressed in white, with a white ribbon around her forehead and head, with her thick hair left over her shoulders, which gave greater prominence to her angelic beauty.

Both had long dresses. I thought those children were two little angels, so beautiful were they. Our Lady was smiling so much. She took the floor and looked at us and said:

'I have come to bring you three, graces and blessings, to compensate you for the work and sacrifices you will have to make for this cause of mine.' Then bending toward me, She said:

'But much prayer and generosity in sacrifices is still needed on your part.'

I answered her: 'Yes, I will do it' (...) Our Lady's gaze was so penetrating, that even without my words She understood all my feelings. Our Lady said again: 'This apparition must remain in secret all day long. Make a sacrifice and do not say anything to anyone.' (...). I assured Her by saying:

'Yes, I will do it; we will not tell anyone'.

Our Lady, more triumphant, I would like to say as a Mama you want to give something as a surprise gift, said to me:

'Tomorrow I will come at noon and show you a very small part of Paradise.' (...) 'However, I want you to make the sacrifice of keeping your eyes closed, so that you can join all the other souls who live only by faith.'

I answered Her: 'Yes, even this sacrifice, as long as you help me, because I am very miserable; so many times I promise and then I am not able to keep my promise.'

Our Lady, as if satisfied with my renunciation, said, 'I will give you notice.' I replied:

'Gladly.' Here Our Lady shed more light with an expression of goodness and love. (...) With this heavenly manifestation of Her goodness, She said:

'Tomorrow I will show My Immaculate Heart which is little known to men. At Fatima I made the devotion of consecration to My Heart spread. At Bonate I tried to make it penetrate the Christian family. Here in Montichiari, on the other hand, I desire that the devotion mentioned above, "Rosa Mistica" (Mystical Rose), united with the devotion to My Heart, be deepened in religious institutes so that religious souls may attract abundant graces from My maternal Heart. With this apparition for the sanctification of religious souls I close the cycle of apparitions.' Here Our Lady remained silent; then I said to Her: 'Listen, dear Madonna, perform a miracle tomorrow because many want to be sure of the reality of Your presence'. She smiled at this question of mine and answered: 'Tomorrow I will tell you what is to be done about the four tiles. Tell the Rev. Priests of this parish that the alms box does not fit on the four tiles. At least a small board should be put in place so that the tiles are not stepped on.'

Here I asked Her: 'Concerning the secret that You have revealed to me, I ask You if I can reveal it at least to my confessor.' Our Lady replied: 'For now, put it in writing, sealed in a safe place. Before you die I will come to tell you and reveal it.'

Then Our Lady bent over me and kept Her voice as if suspended, as if She did not want to be heard by other people; She told me things about the confessor, who had to be a Religious and things concerning my future. Seeing that Our Lady accepted my confidence, I said again:

'Our dear Lady, there are so many people who are recommending themselves to you, the sick, family members who have soldiers who are in Russia and wish to know if their loved ones are still alive.

Somewhat sadder, She answered: 'It will be necessary to pray a lot for the conversion of Russia.'

I asked Her again: 'Why is it that Russia does not allow at least those who are still alive to return?' Sadder than before She answered me:

'Because in Russia there is no more humanity. The sacrifices, the sufferings, even the martyrdom of these soldiers are what attract peace and tranquillity to Italy.'

I said to Her: 'I recommend some priests in particular. They say that from now on they will be true Priests, they are repentant of their sins! They say they will love You and make You love them!' Our Lady smiled complacently without answering. I continued, 'Bless the superiors of the Institute of the Handmaids. Will You grant it to me, dear Madonna?'

Our Lady continued to smile and showed complacency at the questions I asked Her, even though She did not answer me; She left me certain that She was listening to my wishes. Then I felt curious about the presence of the two children and I asked Our Lady: 'Who are the children You have beside You?' She answered me with sweetness: 'Jacinta and Francisco' (the two little visionaries of Fatima). I was surprised and exclaimed, 'Right! Jacinta and Francisco! Why?' Our Lady answered me with a reassuring expression:

'They will be your companions in all your tribulations. They too have suffered, although they are smaller than you.' Then I said to them: 'Dear little children, will you help me too?' Both Our Lady and the children smiled at me, as if they had accepted my plea, and Our Lady answered me: 'Yes' (...) Then I asked Her another question: 'Then shall we wait for You at noon sharp? Will You at least heal some sick people?' Our Lady smiled again, but She did not answer me. Her silence did not discourage me, on the contrary it seemed to me that it spurred me on to ask for more (...) and therefore I wanted to ask Her for a blessing, saying:

'Mother' (why I called Her that I cannot explain, She showed me that She was happy). 'Mother, give a blessing to all three of us here present, so that we may become saints and sanctify other souls.'

Our Lady, who up to now had Her hands clasped, spread them wide and stretched them forward over us as a sign of protection, turned Her eyes to Heaven and exclaimed: 'Blessed be the Lord!' Then slowly, slowly, together with the children, She lifted herself up from the tiles and disappeared in the cloud of light (...) Immediately afterwards the Rev. Confessor asked me if Our Lady worked miracles. I said that She had not answered this question. Very seriously he said to me:

'How can we do tomorrow with the crowd of people who are already in Montichiari, waiting for Our Lady's miracle? What will happen to them?' Poor priest, what sorrow he was showing! And I could not assure him, because Our Lady had told me nothing. The struggle lasted thus until late. Priests, doctors, and authorities continued to assail me with questions, anxiety or opposition:

I never had a minute's peace to enjoy alone the sweet and heavenly memory of Mary."

Main Altar of the Cathedral of Montichiari

The Fourth and Last Apparition in the Cathedral of Montichiari

December 8, 1947

It was the feast of the Immaculate Conception and Pierina and her sisters had gone to the parish for Holy Mass and Holy Communion. On her return to the hospital she did not have time to prepare herself for the great event because she was called to the parlor by Don Agostino Gazzoli, sent by the Bishop to forbid Pierina to go to the Cathedral. Other authorities, priests, and professors joined her and for the whole morning the poor woman had to endure the reproaches and injunctions of those authoritative people who feared a bad impression (as if it had not happened) in front of the crowd that was already gathering around and inside the church waiting for some extraordinary event.

Finally, at 11.30 Pierina, with a strength that she herself could not explain, said decisively:

"Now I have to go!"

Everyone looked at each other in the face and gave her the upper hand. They wanted her to be accompanied by her mother and the Superior of the Hospital and to remember them all to Our Lady.

The church was filled to overflowing; there was talk of thousands of people. From Pierina's diary:

"As soon as I was at the place desired by Our Lady (in the center) where She wanted a space several meters wide, I began the recitation of the Holy Rosary, but as soon as I reached the second decade I was moved by internal impulse I interrupted the Holy Rosary to recite the psalm 'Miserere'; and those present accompanied in a loud voice. When I had finished, I wanted to take up the Rosary again. I only had time to say a few Hail Marys, when a bright light appeared before my eyes, and at the same time I felt the joy that it was Our Lady's. At that moment, however, I saw a woman in the form of an angel. Instead, at that moment, a large white staircase appeared to me, about fifteen meters long or maybe more, and about five meters wide. The sides were adorned with many white, red and yellow roses, which formed a railing (i.e. a bank) to close off the staircase on both sides. At the top of the staircase, in the middle of a carpet of dense roses, in a niche always made of roses of the same colors, with Her feet resting on the carpet, white dressed, with joined hands, very shining was the beautiful Madonna 'Rosa Mistica' (Mystical Rose).

This time I did not see the three roses on Her chest (...). I could not help but exclaim:

'Oh! Our Lady!' She smiling, turned Her eyes to Heaven and slowly, sounding out word for word, in a melodious voice not known on earth, said:

'I am the Immaculate Conception.' Then majestically She took a few steps forward and said: 'There I am Mary of Grace, Mother of the Divine Son Jesus Christ.'

Again She took a few steps forward and said:

'For My coming to Montichiari I wish to be called "Rosa Mistica" (Mystical Rose).'

How beautiful She was! (...). Here She remained still and silent; then I said to Her.

'Madonna dear, won't You come down on these tiles? Why?' Our Lady smiled as if to make me understand that She would have complied with my wish. (...) With sweetness She answered my question:

'I desire that every year on December 8 the Hour of Universal Grace be practiced at noon; with this practice numerous spiritual and corporal graces will be obtained.' I answered her yes. Then I saw Our Lady slowly descending the staircase until about halfway down, almost from the tiles to the distance of seven or eight steps. For the first time I saw Her feet, I could see them clearly; She wore neither stockings nor shoes, they were bare and rested on the steps of the white staircase. (...) Seeing Her surrounded by so much beauty, it seemed to me that it was like a great feast for Her and it came to my mind that there were so many people there to celebrate Her, and so I said to Her on behalf of everyone:

'Our Lady, are You not happy with this demonstration by the faithful?.' Smiling, She replied, 'Yes.' She said this with a great smile and joy. Then I had the conviction that we were all loved by Her, and pious forgiven of our sins, and I said to Her.

'We ask forgiveness for our sins, provided You stop Divine Justice.'

Our Lady... with such benevolence, bending down to us, answered me:

'Our Lord, My Divine Son Jesus, grants His pious great mercy, provided the good always continue to pray for their sinful brothers.' (...) Our Lady raised Her eyes a little as if looking for someone to give Her a command and said:

'Let it be reported as soon as possible to the Supreme Father of the Catholic Church, Pope Pius XII that I desire that this Hour of Grace be known and extended to the whole world.' I answered her.

'We will tell him.' She continued, 'Those who will not be able to take themselves to their own...'

She continued: 'Those who cannot go to their church, while remaining in their homes, will obtain graces from Me at noon by praying.'

(...) I wanted to say to Her:

'Our Lady, we implore your blessing on all of us here present and especially on this country.' Our Lady smiled at me; She remained silent for a while and then, scanning Her words slowly, She said:

'I desire that these four tiles be closed by a small iron gate and with the offerings received be made a statue resembling (here She smiled) a "Rosa Mistica" (Mystical Rose); with three steps under the feet, and be carried processionally through the country. I will sow spiritual graces and healings on those streets where I pass. Then the statue will be placed on the four tiles.'

As soon as She had finished speaking, She took a severe attitude, raised the index finger of Her right hand almost as a sign of admonition, and I was taken by a lively dismay, because I had never seen Her raise Her hand. Serious in face and sorrowful She said:

'Ah! Bonate, Bonate; faith is lacking.' Then I asked.

'Is there anything to be remade?' Our Lady, always maintaining a serious aspect, did not reply. I could not understand the exact reason for the sadness on Her face, whether it was because of the little girl or because of men. In any case, I thought more of the little girl and so I said to Our Lady:

'Make that little girl become good, become a saint.' Our Lady smiled without answering, and Her smile opened my soul to new confidence, so much so that I no longer thought about Her severity and I immediately asked Her this question:

'Our Lady, I ask You for a special grace for two Priests, for all the sick people who have recommended themselves to me, who wish to be healed and promise to use their lives well.'

With a sweet expression She answered me:

'Some healings will be granted.' Again I said to Her:

'I recommend to You the Institute of the Handmaids, this Community which has been the cradle of Your desires.' Oh! what a smile of pleasure She gave me (...). She answered me:

'The Sisters Handmaids through their Holy Foundress have obtained from Me an abundance of graces.' Since in the previous apparition She seemed to have shown that this was Her last visit, I said to Her:

'Is this the last time You will come?' She answered: 'Yes, I will come to you before your death, to reveal the secret which you will reveal to the Reverend Confessor.'

I replied, 'Thank You.' I was already happy knowing that before I died, She would come again (...). I asked her.

'Can You explain to me the meaning of this great staircase?.' How She shone with celestial joy; it seemed that at last the moment that She desired had arrived. She answered me with great joy:

'Whoever on this tile will pray and shed tears of repentance will find a sure ladder to obtain from My maternal Heart protection and graces.'

(...) Slowly She spread Her arms, while before She had kept them closed, and with them the mantle opened. What a marvel! On Her chest stood out Her Heart, in which the three roses, white, red and yellow, were pointed. Such a vivid, radiant and penetrating light came out of that Heart, that I was dazzled and almost blinded, to the point that Our Lady disappeared from my sight. (...) The light struck me, because it was so strong when it came out of Her Heart. But it was so penetrating in my interior, that it filled me with an immense joy, for which I could not help but cry out with enthusiasm:

'Oh! the Immaculate Heart of Mary!' As soon as I had pronounced these words of joy, the red light that I had in my eyes and which had been obscuring them, began to diminish, and so slowly and slowly I was able to gain sight and see Our Lady again, who, full of goodness and in a very calm voice, said:

'Here is the Heart that loves men so much, while most of them return it with outrages.'

These words, too, were pronounced by Her with such an outpouring of love for all of us that I felt moved and in the name of all I wanted to reciprocate Her manifestation of love and I said to Her:

'O dear Madonna, we promise that we will love You, that we will not do any more sins.' (...) Our Lady, with a smile full of sweetness, said to me:

'When good and bad will be united in prayer, they will obtain mercy and peace from this Heart. For now, the good through me have obtained from the Lord the mercy that has stopped a great scourge.' Then She once again put Her hands together, covering Her lovely Heart. Her attitude seemed to show that She wanted to enclose something of mine as well. In fact, bending over with a very maternal gesture, She revealed to me something of my future suffering, of the humiliations that I would have suffered because of Her. I understood that it cost Her a lot to tell me these things, but then She wanted to comfort me by promising me Her protection in the trial and the security of the eternal prize. Those were Her last words! (...) Her smile was one of farewell: She began to move, I understood that She was leaving me. Oh! I didn't want to, but She began to move backwards with Her person always turned towards us. (...) 'Beautiful Madonna,' I said, 'thank You. Bless me, bless my country, Italy, the whole world; especially the Holy Father, the priests, the religious, the sinners.'

Her smile let us understand that She would not leave us alone, and She blessed us. Then, slowly and slowly, She took Her eyes off me and with Her also the magnificent staircase. (...) Docilely I let them do their work... they took me straight away to Brescia until late in the evening, to then take me to Montichiari in secret. (...) Between one question and another with which they continued to pester me, they understood my pain, so I had the courage to ask to be taken to church to pray. I was heard and they took me to the chapel where St. Maria Crocifissa is venerated. As I entered, I saw again the place where Our Lady had come on the tenth of August. I gave vent to my pain."

(At the "Fountain of Grace" a statue of "Rosa Mistica" (Mystical Rose) smiles vigilantly)

Altar of the Madonna in the Cathedral of Montichiari

The First Apparition at Fontanelle

April 17, 1966 - Sunday in Albis

Fontanelle is a locality in the open country at a distance of 3 kilometers from Montichiari. Its name is due to the springs that flow there.

In 1966 Pierina was 54 years old and was still a guest of the Franciscan Sisters of Lily in Brescia, where she had a personal room at her disposal, in which Our Lady had been appearing several times since April 5, 1960, 13 years after the apparition of December 8, 1960. On February 27, 1966 at about 2:30 p.m., her friend Lucia Mazzotti and Father Ilario Moratti, who substituted Father Giustino Carpin, were in the room with Pierina, waiting for the apparition that had already been announced to Pierina.

Our Lady appeared in the usual aspect of "Rosa Mistica" (Mystical Rose) and gave this warning:

"Pierina, on April 12, 14, 16 after Easter you will make the pilgrimage of penance, starting from the Church to the Fontanelle. Let the word of this penance be spread. On Sunday in Albis (April 17) My Divine Son Jesus Christ sends Me once again to earth, to Montichiari, to bring abundant graces to humanity. That spring will then be miraculous. From that Sunday onwards the sick will always be brought, and you will be the first to offer them a glass of water and wash their sores."

"This will be your new mission of action and apostle, no longer hidden, no longer withdrawn."

"On Sunday in Albis, as soon as I have been and the water has become a fountain of purification and grace, I wish that part of the 'secret' that the three Rev.'s wish to know will immediately be publicly manifested to those present and also that part of the Message that concerned the Pope, where I mentioned the new Apostle 'Paul'; the present Pope."

She was alluding to the secret and the message for the Pope revealed on November 22, 1947, immediately put in writing and sealed, then revealed to Father Giustino Carpin, Father Ilario Moratti and Monsignor Luigi Novarese, founder of the Silent Workers of the Cross, in the Rocca di Montichiari.

The manifestation of the secrets of the Fontanelle did not actually take place because the events did not take place as Our Lady wished. In fact, Bishop Luigi Morstabilini, fearing that many people would be disappointed, forbade all publicity.

Pierina made the three pilgrimages with her friend Lucia and on the morning of April 17 (by public transportation) she went to Montichiari. Accompanied by Lucia alone, she went from the church to the Fontanelle and prayed.

From Pierina's diary:

(The Crucifix near the stairway traveled by Mary Rosa Mistica)

"We continued to pray, reciting the crown of the Holy Rosary. All of a sudden I felt a breeze that brought me a celestial joy: it announced the coming of Our Lady!

I found myself far from the Fontanelle and I hastily approached. All of a sudden a force made me kneel down on a step of the very rustic staircase leading down from the street to the fountain.

A strong light illuminated everything and I saw the beautiful Madonna Rosa Mistica (Mystical Rose). I spontaneously came to say:

'Oh! At last You have come' (she had feared that She would not come, given the lack of publicity that She wanted).

Smiling at me, She said: 'My Divine Son Jesus is all love. He sent Me to make this spring miraculous.' Then She said:

'As a sign of penance and purification give a kiss on the step' (I gave it immediately) 'then, go down a few steps, stop, give another kiss and come down.' (I gave it and came down again)

Our Lady also majestically descended the stairs and I could see Her bare feet as She placed them on the steps, with Her light I could see the white marble steps.

Her attitude as She descended the stairs was like that of December 8, 1947, only the difference being that here She was close to me. (I told Her not to go down because the staircase was too ugly). Then She continued:

'For the third time kiss the step again and here let a Crucifix be placed' (with Her left hand She pointed to the place)

'The sick and all My children, before taking or drinking water, ask forgiveness of My Divine Son with a beautiful kiss of love.'

Our Lady then brought Herself close to the spring and said:

'With your hands take some mud.' I got up, looked for it, found it, took it and (while I was) kneeling near the fountain, She said to me:

'Wash yourself with water. This is to teach that sin in the souls of children becomes mud, but washed with the water of grace, they become purified and worthy of graces.'

Here Our Lady bent down and touched the water of the spring in two places, then rose up with a great splendor. I also followed Her and kneeling down I saw Her open Her arms and with them Her mantle that (had widened and) held a large space that you could see under Her right the Church of Montichiari and the Fortress of Mary; on Her left instead you could see a huge building.

Very bright and majestic She said to me:

'Let it be manifested to all My children what My Son Jesus wanted in 1947 in the Church, expressing His desires and My Messages.' I answered.

'Yes, if they listen to me.'

'I desire and I repeat that here come the sick and all My children,' (suspended) ' come to the miraculous source.'

I answered. 'Yes.'

'I desire that the Rev. Monsignor Abbot Don Francesco Rossi invite the faithful to go first to the Church and then to go there.'

'This is to show gratitude to the Lord for how much love He had for Montichiari.' I replied: 'I am glad'; then I asked if She would come again. She smiled at me, but did not answer. Then She said:

'Now here is your mission among the sick and needy.'

I saw that She was moving away, so I told Her to stop again and I began to recommend to Her my intentions and all that I had written down and carried on my heart. Now She left me. I was so happy because She had kept Her promise.

I immediately sent word to the Abbot, who in turn sent word to the Bishop. He replied that I should return to my place."

(Pierina had written down on the spot the interview with Our Lady and Her requests, and had sent the letter to the Bishop through Lucia).

Stairway to the Fountain of Grace at Fontanelle

The Second Apparition at Fontanelle

May 13, 1966

(The basin where the sick are immersed in prayer trusting to obtain healing) From Pierina's diary:

"In the morning I woke up suddenly around five o'clock. I immediately heard Our Lady's voice in my mind and I understood that She was waiting for me at Fontanelle. I asked the Rev. Confessor for permission.

When I arrived at Our Lady's favorite place, I found that there were several people there and together we began to pray. Around midday, all of a sudden, there She was! Always the same in everything.

Smiling, She said:

'Let the word of our coming to the source spread.' I answered Her:

'How can I, if they prevent me?'

She replied, 'Here is your mission already requested by Me.' I said to Her.

'Our Lady if You do not perform a miracle, the Superiors do not believe me, do it!' She smiled, but did not answer. She remained a little silent, then said:

'My Divine Son is all love; the world is going to ruin.' (suspended)

'I have still obtained mercy and for this reason He has sent Me back to Montichiari to bring the graces of His love.'

She remained a little suspended.

'To save humanity it is necessary: to make prayer, sacrifice, penance.' I replied.

'Yes then I do not disobey?' She smiled; She remained a little suspended and said:

'I desire that a comfortable basin be made here to immerse the sick; this other spring must be reserved for drinking.' With Her hands She hinted at the place. I replied.

'Yes, I will report it.' Then I asked Her:

'Are You still coming?' She smiled but did not answer. I said to Her. 'Thank You' for the beautiful smile She gave me. I recommended people and intentions and then said to Her.

'What do You wish the Fountain to be called?' She replied:

'The Source of Grace.' , 'And your Name?'

She replied, 'Rosa Mistica' (Mystical Rose)

Here She opened Her arms and with them the enormously large mantle. Immediately I asked for Her blessing. She smiled and said:

'I have come to bring love, mercy, peace in the souls of My children, and I recommend not to throw mud on charity.' Here Her words were spoken very softly. I answered Her.

'Yes, thank You', and then I said to Her:

'Can You explain to me the meaning of Your mantle that You extend?.' She answered with such majesty:

'It is to signify My love that embraces all mankind.' I said to Her again:

'What do You wish to be done at Fontanelle?'

She replied, 'Good works for the sick who will converge here.' I said to Her:

'Thank You!' And I felt filled with a great love for Our Lady; so I sent Her a kiss for all men on earth. She smiled at me for a long time and slowly disappeared."

Basin with Water from the Miraculous Source at Fontanelle

The Third Apparition at Fontanelle

June 9, 1966, Feast of the “Corpus Domini” (Body of Christ)

From Pierina's diary:

"It was about ten o'clock in the morning and I was writing. Suddenly I felt an impulse in me, an internal voice that said:

'Today I am waiting for you at Fontanelle.'

I tried to warn the Rev. Father Confessor to get permission to go to the place of the appointment with Our Lady.

I arrived there in the afternoon, and I moved away from the fountain because there were already people there. I had to wait about two hours before Our Lady came. However, She kept Her promise and came at about half past three in a very celestial sky. Beautiful and very smiling, She said:

'Today My Divine Son Jesus Christ has sent Me again.'

'Today is the feast of the Body of the Lord. Feast of union! Feast of love!' Spreading Her arms, She said:

'How I long for this wheat to become Eucharistic Bread... in so many reparatory Communions.' (She mentioned the ripe wheat in the adjacent field). Majestically and raising Her eyes to Heaven, She said:

'I would like this wheat transformed into so many particles to arrive in Rome and by October 13 to reach Fatima.'

I said to Her: 'But do they have to give it all?' She answered me:

'Let it be reported to the Lords Owners of the field that they be generous in offering this grain. And may other generous hearts be found, so that what I desire may be fulfilled.'

I replied, 'Yes.'

'I desire that a canopy be made here with a statue looking over the Fountain.' I said:

'I do not understand it, Our Lady.' She then sent a strong light and I saw the shelter with Our Lady in the position described.

Then I said to her:

'Like a porch!' She smiled and said:

'For October 13, the statue should be brought here in procession; but first I wish the people of Montichiari to consecrate themselves to M Heart.' (suspended). 'I recommend to the children of Montichiari that they make themselves worthy of the graces which My Divine Son Jesus grants them, so that they may emend their sins and return to being exemplary Christians' (suspended), 'and set an example to the world. Montichiari is the town that My Divine Son wants to prefer by sending Me to bring His graces.'

I then asked Her if the consecration had to be done in the morning or when the statue was being transported. She replied:

'Before the statue is brought there.' 'Yes, thank You,' I said, 'work a miracle.' She smiled but did not answer. Here I saw Her moving, I begged Her to stop again and She stayed. I recommended people and priests; I asked for a blessing on the owners of the field (smiling and with Her head She nodded yes). I asked if She was still coming: She did not answer. After a pause of silence She said:

'I ask you again for such generosity; you will have much to suffer, but nothing will be lost. I will always be with you.' I replied. 'I am happy.' Then She left me. The people present were eager to know Our Lady's desires and I told them everything."

Rosa Mistica Statue at Fontanelle

Fourth and Last Apparition at Fontanelle

August 6, 1966, Feast of the Transfiguration

From Pierina's diary:

"After hearing in my heart the insistent invitation that Our Lady was waiting for me at the Fountain, I made the Rev. Father Confessor warn me and with his permission I left immediately.

When I arrived at the Fountain (I found that) there were people there. As soon as they heard of my presence they stopped, because they understood that there would be an apparition of Our Lady. In fact, She came. As the people present told me, it must have been half past three in the afternoon. As soon as Our Lady came, She did not immediately begin to speak, She stood there a little in silence, then She said:

'My Divine Son Jesus has sent Me again to ask for the worldwide union of the Reparatory Communion, and this be on the 13th day of October.'

After my affirmation, She continued:

'Let the news of this holy initiative, which is to begin this year for the first time, be spread to the whole world and always be repeated every year.'

I said, 'Yes, thank You. What if they prevent it?' She smiled and continued:

'To those Rev. priests and faithful who will do this Eucharistic practice the abundance of My graces is assured.'

Then with such majesty She said:

'Let there be an effort to get grain to the beloved son Pope Paul and let it be said that he has been blessed by Our visit.' (Her smile stood out more here). 'It is wheat from his land in Brescia - Montichiari - and let it be said what My Divine Son Jesus Christ desires, and also for Fatima.'

I answered her: 'Thank You'. Then I asked her.

'What is to be done with the wheat that remains?.' She replied, 'With the grain that remains let sandwiches be made and on a fixed day let them be distributed here at the Fountain in remembrance of our coming. And let this be of thanksgiving on the part of the children who work the land.'

I replied: 'Thank You'. She was silent for a while. She continued, sending more splendor:

'After I was assumed into Heaven, I have always interposed Myself as Mediatrix between My Divine Son Jesus Christ and all mankind!... How many favors!... How many chastisements have I stopped!... How many conversations I had with souls!... How many visits I made on earth to bring messages.'

Here She paused again, but sadly continued:

'But men still continue to offend the Lord! That's why I wanted the worldwide union of the Holy Communion of Reparation.'

With a smile She continued:

'It is an act of love and gratitude on the part of the children towards the Lord.' I replied. 'Yes.' Continuing to speak Our Lady said:

'I chose this place in Montichiari because in the children who work the land there is still humility as in a poor Bethlehem. Then this place, where there will always be prayer, will be transformed into many graces.'

I told Her about the canopy, because they had not understood. She replied:

'A little bit detached from the Fountain.'

I asked Her.

'Our Lady, why do You not give an appointment of your coming?'

She replied, 'The people themselves have already confirmed it.'

I asked her again about the miracle. She smiled but did not answer. Then I recommended many intentions for everyone and first I offered Her reparation and sent Her a kiss for all those present and absent.

She gave me such a loving smile that I could tell She was happy with this act of affection. Then She slowly withdrew."

We note that the rather obscure expression "the people themselves have already confirmed it" seems to mean that the people, or a certain number of people had intervened without being forewarned. In reality, if they had been forewarned, a prohibition would have intervened, as in the case of the first apparition of April 17. Instead, a part of the faithful had been able to be present at the other three apparitions precisely because they had not been announced. Pierina, on the other hand, understood those words to mean that the people had understood that Our Lady would come on October 13, which was set as the date for Holy Communion. But soon, with immense sorrow, she understood that neither Our Lady nor herself would ever again be at Fontanelle. In fact, on August 24 she obediently agreed to sign a report forbidding her to go to Fontanelle. We also note that Our Lady's wish regarding the wheat to be sent to Rome and Fatima was perfectly fulfilled, certainly due to the intervention of the Abbot Parish Priest Monsignor Francesco Rossi. Paul VI personally blessed the wheat, which was used for Holy Communion, and part of it was taken to Fatima by Bishop José Pereira Venancio.

St. Joseph Statue at Fontanelle

Other Apparitions after 1966


May 15, 1969

It was May 15, 1969, the Feast of the Ascension. Pierina was no longer in Brescia with the Sisters of the Lily, but in Montichiari in a house in the center of town, waiting for a definitive accommodation in the house that the benefactors had built for her.

The apparition is important not only for Our Lady's words but also for Pierina's questions.

From her diary:

"Returning from Holy Mass (as) usual I went to Our Lady's little altar to finish my prayer before beginning my housework. Suddenly a light invaded me and I understood that it was the light of Our Lady. She smiled at me and then said: 'Glory be to the Lord'. Then She remained silent. Then I, seeing that She did not hint at speaking, took confidence in Her and said.

'Thank You, Our Lady, for coming to see me. Excuse me if I now ask You a question on behalf of (some) people. Why did You not tell me that You were still coming to the Fountain? And instead You came here?'

She smiled with a sweet expression and said:

'God is love.' I said to Her.

'Madonna, I don not understand it!' She smiled and replied:

'I was sent by the Lord not to give commands, but to manifest His desires' (suspended). 'Oh! how He desires that they be fulfilled by His children'. She remained silent for a while and continued:

'At the Fountain I am always there to welcome the prayers recited with so much love by the devout children and I fulfill the will of the Lord to spread His graces with My maternal love.'

I said to her, 'Thank You.' Very majestically She continued:

'I have united myself to the obedience you have made to your Most Reverend Bishop Luigi Morstabilini, in order to imitate the example that the Divine Son Jesus Christ gave us first: He humbled himself and became obedient even to the death of the cross. Daughter, obedience is humility, many times it is sacrifice, but God our Lord then knows how to give the soul peace and docility, which is the true love of Him.'

I then said to Her.

'But then You who are Our Lady, have You also obeyed my Bishop? Is that why You came here?' She smiled and did not answer. I said to Her, 'Shall I tell this to my Bishop?'

'Yes, tell him in My name that for him My Divine Son Jesus Christ has reserved special graces, especially for his Priests, his beloved sons.' (...) 'You see, My daughter, it is a time of recall.... Obedience is peace that comes from the Lord... the contrary is discord and the ruin of souls! Daughter, pray and give Me much love to bring to the Lord!' I replied:

'Yes, Our Lady, I promise You. Then I recommend to You the Holy Father, my Bishop, my Superiors, the sick, especially the lepers. And help me to console so many mothers who cry for their children, because they take bad roads; save them.' She replied:

'Yes, to all the blessings of the Lord.' Then I asked Her.

'Madonna, is it true that the destruction of the world and the Church will come?'

She answered:

'We must pray and do penance, so that souls may return to the Lord with love and concord'. As She withdrew She said:

'I leave You the Lord's blessing and My maternal protection.' Then She left me.

How much peace of Paradise entered my soul; I would have wished it had remained forever. How beautiful the heavenly homeland will be!..."

The House of Pierina Gilli, built by her benefactors

The Oratory Inside Pierina's House

The Altar of the Oratory

The Madonna on the Altar

The Medal

May 19, 1970

The following narrations are reproduced from the Diary and partly abbreviated by RA.M. WEIGL and published by him in the book MARIA ROSA MISTICA. Montichiari - Fontanelle, Libreria Propaganda Mariana, Rome 1977, pp. 42-62.

The apparition of May 19, 1970 had a special significance. The Blessed Virgin appeared, as always, in Her white mantle, Her Heart adorned with three roses (white, red and golden yellow). On Her right arm was a large rosary which ended with a medal instead of a cross. Then, extending both arms, the Blessed Virgin showed a round, golden medal on the two palms of Her hands. On the palm of Her right hand, Pierina saw the figure of Mary standing at the top of the stairs with Her hands joined and Her head, as always, bent forward on Her left, surrounded by roses. Many roses were also at Her feet, scattered around the staircase. On the edge of the medal of Her right hand was written: "Rosa" ; on that of the left hand "Mistica" . Then on the back of one of the medals Pierina distinctly saw a beautiful domed church with three large doors. Above it was the inscription:

"Mary Mother of the Church" .

At this point the heavenly Mother began to speak and said:

"I wish to have a medal like this one minted and with the two inscriptions. the Lord has sent Me to this place chosen by Him to bring the gift of His love, the gift of the fountain of graces and the gift of the medal of My maternal love. Today I am here to make known this medal, the gift of universal love, and which will be carried by My children on their hearts wherever they go. I promise these My children My protection and My motherly grace. This is the hour in which you try to annihilate as much as possible the veneration that is due to Me. The medal of My maternal love will ensure that My children will always have Me with them. I am the Mother of the Lord, the Mother of humanity. There will be a triumph of universal love! The Lord's blessing, together with My love, will always accompany all the children who will have recourse to Me."

The Medal given by Our Lady

The Holy Rosary

On January 17, 1971, the Blessed Virgin returned to say:

"A Rosary said with devotion is a call for any intercession, it is contemplation of the mysteries of..., the Our Father is the prayer of union..., the prayer of the Lord..., the prayer of glorification of the Most Holy Trinity with the recitation of the Gloria Patri...."

"Tell My children to recite the Holy Rosary..., a ring of faith and light and a bond of union, of glory, of intercession."

Later, on July 25 of the same year, the heavenly Madonna expressed herself thus:

"Pierina, this is a place of prayer; I still invite you to the Holy Rosary, which is so welcome to the Lord."

"May all My children, who have adhered to My desire with the Communion of reparation, know that I will repay them with a great abundance of graces and to those who come to the fountain and honor Me with their devotion, tell them to recite the Holy Rosary."

"In this place, united hearts throb with a single impulse of love between heaven and earth."

"How many graces will be granted! I see and bless everyone and everything."

On April 11, 1973 Pierina was praying the Holy Rosary in her oratory, when suddenly she saw that the heavenly Mother, who appeared at that moment, was joining her prayer to visibly strengthen it.

The Blessed Virgin's lips actually moved at the Our Father, while at the Gloria Patri Her head bowed slightly.

During the Hail Marys, however, She was silent.

“So Many of My Children Live in Darkness”

As the apparitions followed one another, their motivations increasingly expressed the sorrow and concern of the Heavenly Mother.

In the one of January 17, 1971 She recommended to Pierina:

"Pray, pray, O daughter, and make people pray; so many of My children live in darkness. They no longer want the Lord God. Oh, the Church of My Divine Son in what a struggle it finds itself! Therefore, I spread the mantle of My love over humanity because there is an urgent need for prayer of love and prayer of expiation... Humanity is running towards its great ruin..."

"How many lost souls!... Poor Church of My Divine Son Jesus Christ! Pray, O children, do penance... This is My heartfelt call, the warning of the Mother of the Lord."

She continued:

"My daughter, this is the time when one must unite in prayer and love around the Lord. He is abandoned and outraged by so many of His children. We want faithful and vigorous souls, ready to witness and show that My Divine Son sacrificed Himself on the Cross, and let each one understand how much and how the Heart of Jesus is full of love and mercy."

"I have come here to speak of the love one owes to the Lord; to call souls to this love of God and to that of one's neighbor. This is My appeal, this is the message of the Mother of the Lord."

On August 5, 1972, the Blessed Virgin appeared to Pierina looking very sorrowful and said to her: "Oh, how sad it is to see My children, who turn away from God their Father...."

"I intercede to bring all My love to humanity with the call of goodness... My Heart is that of a sorrowful Mother who says: My children, love the Lord! Stop offending Him so cruelly! My daughter, do not be silent, but speak of this call to prayer, so that the children may return to faith and love of God. The times are becoming dark, upsetting, and full of terror, but if you pray and do penance, My Motherly Heart will still obtain from the Lord the return of light, love, and peace over the whole world, for the Lord's mercy never fails and is always at work through redemption. Now the time has come to act, since people want to denigrate even the work of God and disown that He chose Me as His Mother. Yes, I am the Mother of the Lord and of all humanity."

"Love one another, My children, and peace will triumph."

Mystical Rose and Mystical Body

July 22, 1973

The apparition of July 22, 1973 is important.

Pierina Gilli recounts:

"It was about 9:30 a.m. and I was sitting in my little kitchen intent on writing some letters. Outside, lightning and thunder were raging, when, raising my eyes, I observed that the light in the adjacent chapel of Our Lady had come on. At first I thought it was a joke of the storm and moved to go and turn it off, but what a surprise when I saw Our Lady standing by the altar! I immediately knelt down to thank Her for such a grace, while She, smiling, said to me:

"Now and always... the Lord has sent Me to bring His love to humanity with His mercy. And I invite My children to listen to the beating of My heart."

"I desire that My desires be fulfilled. Fontanelle must become a beacon of light, faith, prayer and penance."

Pierina then asked what prayers should be said and what penances should be done. Mary Most Holy answered her thus:

"Prayers of faith, prayers of love, prayers of praise, prayers to obtain graces," and added: "Recite the Holy Rosary!"

Saying this, the Virgin was silent for a moment, then continued:

"Yes, even here in Fontanelle I desire penance in expiation of all the sins of men. Animated by these sentiments, walk the path from the bridge to Fontanelle, never ceasing to pray. Begin this pious devotion at once; only a few people have practiced it up to now."

Our Lady then specified that this act of expiation should be carried out not only individually, but also in groups and in procession as in pilgrimages.

At this point, the visionary dared to ask the Heavenly Mother why She had manifested herself as "Rosa Mistica" (Mystical Rose) and what was the meaning of this appellation.

The Blessed Virgin replied:

"Rosa Mistica (Mystical Rose) has in itself nothing new. I was called Mystical Rose at the moment when My Divine Son Jesus became man. In Mystical Rose is symbolized the 'Fiat' of the Redemption and the 'Fiat' of My collaboration."

"I am the Immaculate Conception, the Mother of the Lord Jesus, the Mother of Grace, the Mother of the Mystical Body: the Church!"

"That is why My Divine Son invited me to come to Montichiari in 1947 and I came then, laying My feet in the middle of the cathedral, in the midst of so many of My children ... and this is to show that I am the Mother of the Mystical Body, the Church. That was then only a warning and an invitation to prayer addressed to all My children. Penance..., expiation, I said in those days, because dark times were coming, full of atheism and weakening of love towards the Lord and towards this Mother of yours."

As the heavenly Mother thus spoke, Her eyes were filled with tears. Later She added:

"The grace of the Lord and His infinite mercy for the Church will make Rosa Mistica (Mystical Rose) flourish again! And if this maternal invitation is heeded, Montichiari will be the place from which the mystical light will radiate over the whole world. Yes, all this will come true!"

Pierina, continuing the story of the apparition, says:

"I heard that day so many admirably divine things and said - Beautiful Virgin, why do You not perform a miracle so that the ecclesiastical authority can lend faith to these apparitions?" - And the Blessed Virgin in reply:

"How many favors have I already bestowed in these present times! How many graces have I distributed! Now and always! But the most evident miracle will be the return of the children to true faith, to true love towards the Lord."

"Reconciliation and peace for the whole world will then follow." Afterwards, raising Her eyes and hands to heaven, Mary resumed saying: "From the Lord I invoke abundant blessings on all My children, who strive to spread My love, My work, so that I may be recognized; on all those who commit themselves with courage to realize My desires, as I have already manifested. To all these children I promise My maternal love with the graces of the Lord."

The visionary concludes her account:

"With these words Our Lady disappeared that time, leaving in me a joy that cannot be compared to any other joy in this world."

"I drew new courage from my heart to accept with the most generous disposition of mind all humiliations and trials in order to reach the fulfillment of Our Lady's desires."

It is opportune to underline and clarify the symbolism of the rose. It is one and multiple: its many petals are arranged in a beautiful order so as to create a harmony of unity. Thus it is by nature suited to represent the multiplicity of members and the unity in Christ of the Mystical Body, which is the Church.

Mary is the Mother of the Church, but at the same time She is the image and personification of the Church, indeed the beginning of the whole Church at the moment of the Incarnation.

Therefore: Mary, Mother of the Rose and Rose herself.

The Angels

June 29, 1974

It was the feast of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, Pierina's name day. She recounts:

It was about 10 o'clock in the morning and I was praying in my chapel, reciting the Holy Rosary. I was praying for my good benefactress Maria Maletti, who had been seriously ill for months and had much to suffer. Almost unexpectedly, during this prayer, the dear Madonna appeared. What a joy! She immediately accepted my thoughts and entreaties for the seriously ill woman and said, even before I could speak, full of joy and goodness, as she pointed her hand towards Heaven:

"She will soon be with Me in Heaven." (Truly this good benefactress of mine died a few days later)

"All sacrifices and sufferings, which are sanctified by good intention, become superabundant graces for the whole world and for the soul itself superabundant merit for heaven."

Then, Pierina continues.

I recommended to Our Lady several sick people and many petitions that had been entrusted to me. To which She replied:

"I am always very close to you with My motherly love." Then I said:

"Dear Madonna, on the 13th of July, the anniversary of one of Your apparitions, many pilgrims will come to Fontanelle to spend a night of prayer and reparation, especially for priests and consecrated persons, and to obtain good vocations."

While I was still speaking, Our Lady showed me in a picture a large crowd and said:

"Tell these children of Mine that I love them so much and that their prayers and sacrifices of love will be rewarded even on this earth with superabundant graces, but above all they will be filled with joy in heaven, when they will see these sacrifices of love of theirs shining with great wonder for the Holy Church."

Pierina continues:

All of a sudden an apparition from several years ago (January 13, 1951) came before me, a very important one, where a door of golden light was shown on which the inscriptions: 'Fiat of creation, Fiat of redemption, Mary of the corredemption.'

That time I had not only had that marvelous vision, but at the same time I had heard a marvelous choir singing and psalmodying. Then I asked:

"Dear Madonna, that time I heard a wonderful choir singing. Were these the Holy Angels of Heaven?" At this question the Blessed Virgin shone with great majesty and said:

"Truly yes, these were the Holy Angels."

"Happy is the man, who entrusts himself to the protection of his Guardian Angel and listens to his inspirations, because the Guardian Angel always has great care for the soul entrusted to him."

"When the soul attains eternal happiness as a deserved reward, he comes to take it away; with him and the choirs of angels it can join in heavenly joy with God the Father Almighty."

At these words, the mantle of the Blessed Virgin suddenly opened and became infinitely immense as the universe and as I had never seen it. I also saw thousands and thousands of Holy Angels, who spread out and formed this. They were small, big and extraordinarily strong and powerful Angels, lined up at the bottom like the sea without shores. They wore marvelous garments crowned with circles around their foreheads. They spread and spread the mantle of Mary over the boundless universe. Below them I saw, very close to the Holy Angels, a crowd on a great plain. Among them were Bishops, many priests, religious and many men, women and children. I could distinctly recognize some of them, especially a Bishop and several priests and acquaintances, but the others were largely unknown to me.

All together, Angels and men, were singing in chorus:

"Holy, Holy, Holy the Lord! Love, honor and glory to Him for all eternity! Mary, Mother of God, Mother of Grace, may You also be glorified forever in heaven and on earth!"

Pierina Gilli adds:

I do not know how long this grandiose heavenly vision lasted. I was taken by such a great ardour of love that I didn't even have the strength to think or ask anything. However, when I realized that Our Lady wanted to leave, I asked Her, as usual, to give me Her blessing.

She first raised Her hands towards heaven, solemnly marked the Holy Cross with Her right hand and said:

"May the blessing of the Lord descend upon you, upon all the children who love Me, upon the objects of devotion which you have with you, and may this blessing, united with My maternal love, go especially to these persons, who diligently recite the Holy Rosary and wear My medal on their hearts."

Taking Her leave, She said in a solemn voice:

"Live of love! (love of God and neighbor)"

And Pierina exclaimed with emotion:

"Oh, what will heaven once be? Lord, I thank You for your immense goodness."

The Church

September 8, 1974

Pierina Gilli writes:

It was about 1 p.m. and I was reciting the Holy Rosary in my chapel. Then the heavenly Mother suddenly appeared. As always, full of beauty, full of light, full of goodness. She said to me:

"I am Mary, the Mother of the Church. For this Church, for the Holy Father, for the priests and for all the children of the Church I ask for prayer, prayer, prayer, so that true love for the Lord and true charity may return to hearts."


I replied. "Yes, dear Madonna. With your help I want to do it and I will report it".

Here all of a sudden Pierina saw a church with five round domes; in the middle one a small column in the shape of a sunburst stood out towards the top. Then Pierina asked the Virgin Mary the meaning of that church, and She answered kindly:

"The Lord My Divine Son Jesus Christ, for the gift He has given to mankind of sending Me to the place of the Fontanelle, desires that the church be built in this way...."

"The Meaning: embrace the continents of the earth."

After a pause, the Mother of God, continued:

"Invoke especially the protection of the Holy Archangel Michael, that He may protect the Church against all threatening ambushes and defend her. In fact, never has the Church been in such danger as she is today. I continually intervene on her behalf. Even from this small place the light will spread."

Suddenly the Blessed Virgin shone with greater majesty and said:

"Truly the light of the Lord will come!"

Pierina then resumed saying:

"Dear Madonna, I thank You for all your great love for us, but how can I tell the ecclesiastical superiors your desires?"

Our Lady answered with great goodness:

"I have already spoken to the hearts of beloved children and encouraged them to be messengers of My love, My messages and charity again."

Pierina resumes:

At these words, Our Lady made me instantly see a picture. That is to say, I saw close to Our Lady the Holy Father, numerous Bishops (one of whom I recognized clearly) and also numerous priests, some of whom I recognized distinctly, as well as many religious and lay people: a great crowd of people, on whom Our Lady placed Her gaze with joy. Filled with joy, I too asked Our Lady to give them all a holy blessing, and Our Lady replied:

"I am always close to them to strengthen them with the graces of the Lord, but tell them also that they should pray even more with love, sacrifice themselves and make reparation."

To this I replied.

"I thank You, dear Madonna. How I wish You were loved more, worshipped by all! Therefore I ask for your help, because I myself am so small and miserable."

Smiled Our Lady with great goodness made with Her right hand a moving and loving gesture to tell me:

"I will help you." Then She joined Her hands, raised Her eyes to heaven and gave as always the holy blessing:

"May the blessing of the Lord descend on this place. May it also apply to all those whom you want to lock up in your heart."

Then She shone even more solemnly and said:

"Praised, loved and glorified be the Lord from heaven and from every place on this earth!"

Pierina Gilli concludes the story:

Then She disappeared. Oh, how good Our Lady is! One should have the language of the Angels, to praise the heavenly Mother worthily.

At this time new posters were put up at the doors of the cathedral of Montichiari against the apparitions of "Rosa Mistica".

Monsignor Rossi, former provost and abbot, commented authoritatively on the fact on September 20, 1974.

Here are his words:

"This statement against the truthfulness of the apparitions of 'Rosa Mistica' in Montichiari gravely offends all truth, justice and charity, especially with regard to the German language translation."

The Statues of Rosa Mistica

November 23, 1975

It is the feast of Christ the King. Pierina Gilli recounts:

In the chapel, around 7 p.m., I was putting in place the flowers, which had been brought by pilgrims, when the dear Madonna appeared, completely unexpected. She called me and said:

"Daughter, go and announce to all My children My love for them. Tell them that My Divine Son Jesus Christ gives Me graces to give to all of them, for to His Mother He grants everything."

Here Her voice became majestic and She continued

"Verily, I am the Mother of humanity. Pierina, the sacrifices and prayers that have been offered to the Lord by so many people have obtained great graces. The world was to be struck by a great chastisement for its hardening in sin... (pause). However, His great and infinite mercy has triumphed once again."

"My good children, pray and make sacrifices for all. With this, souls are saved."

Pierina Gilli:

At this point I could ask:

"Dear Madonna, please, would You tell me something about the statues of the Pilgrim Madonna, which were brought to Rome?"

The Blessed Virgin replied:

"Before these statues people have prayed and I am now particularly present in the city of My beloved son Pope Paul VI, the father of the Church. Truly, wherever I stand by these statues, I carry with Me the graces of the Lord and the love of this Maternal Heart. I bring light into hearts, where there is still darkness, so that they may understand the love that I revealed in Montichiari... Collaborate with My love, give with My love, sacrifice yourselves with My love... Thus you will one day be united with Me forever. What grace would be greater than this: to live completely with Me? This applies not only to you, Pierina, but also to all My children who love Me. May the Lord's blessing descend on all of you with the light of faith, the light of hope and the light of love."

Pierina Gilli concludes:

With these words the dear Madonna disappeared and left in my heart a new blaze of love for all men.

Mary’s Descent on Earth

February 13, 1976

Pierina recounts:

While I was praying the Blessed Virgin appeared unexpectedly in my chapel, at about 9:30 a.m., and said:

"I come once again to tell you to propagate even more My message of love. For centuries I have been continually descending on so many places on earth. If, after My Assumption into Heaven, I had not continually descended to earth to gather My children around Me, a large part of the world, without My maternal and loving intervention, would have become cold and barren towards the Lord. My children need this intimate maternal love of mine, for in their fragility they so easily stray from the Lord, our almighty God and Father."

"This is the reason for My coming. Whenever I descend to this earth to bring the message of love, countless choirs of angels move the heavens and gather around Me like a great crown."

"On the other hand, however, so many of My children on earth do not accept and remain deaf to our invitation to return to love the Lord more."

"Pierina, continuously repeat to My children, especially beloved priests, that they love! Tell them to proclaim everywhere, in every direction, this invitation of the Mother of the Lord. Tell them not to let go to waste what I have already done and am still doing over so many centuries to save My children who are in such danger... the Lord must be loved, praised and glorified with all the strength of faith and love."

Pierina Gilli:

Now I can ask: "Our dear Madonna, they have recommended me so many intentions, which I should present to You". And She answers with such goodness:

"Tell all these people, who with generous hearts have accepted My message of love, that they will obtain very special graces from the Lord.... Let them work with courage to give the place of Fontanelle, blessed by our presence, more dignity and devotion... This place will always be a place of prayer. It will become a beacon of faith and love for the sick and the needy" (with great majesty She continued to say):

"I will intervene, the clouds will disappear and the magnificence of the Lord, who sent Me even to Montichiari, will triumph."

Smiling, the Blessed Virgin resumed:

"Forward! Confidence and courage! Yes those who have courage will be honored.... The sick and the needy await the work of love."


At these words the heavenly Mother spread Her mantle and I saw, as I had already seen in Her first apparition on April 17, 1966, at Fontanelle, a large church and numerous large buildings. I thanked Our Lady, who said to me, smiling sweetly: "Behold, this is the love of the Lord. I want it to permeate the whole world." Once again I repeat:"

"My children, love the Lord and this Mother of His. Love each other with a sincere brotherly love."

"Go to Holy Mass, gather in the churches in prayer, fervently approach the holy sacraments to obtain the grace of fidelity and give the world the example of true Christians."

"Do all this if you want to save yourselves: Prayer, sacrifice, penance."

The Cross in the Middle of the Field

April 20, 1976

(The great Crucifix placed in the middle of the field by Our Lady's wish)

In this apparition Pierina suddenly saw a large Cross of light and asked the Blessed Virgin:

"Why this Cross?" Our Lady answered:

"In the middle of the field, where the small chapel is, let a large Cross be placed..., let it be for all the children who come to pray, to ask for graces, a call of light of faith..., of charity and of hope..., because from this place, united to My Divine Son Jesus Christ, My Heart and My arms are always open to give graces..., to save especially sinners... Come, children, here I have opened the fountain of forgiveness and love.... And you, beloved children, who suffer and work for this place, have the reward of My motherly love. This is the time..., the hour, in which I wish to spread My love and the mercy of the Lord over all humanity."

Following this request of Mary a large cross was planted in the esplanade overlooking the Chapel or Wayside Shrine. This was done by Father Thaddeus Laux and a German pilgrimage.

The Great Crucifix at Fontanelle

I Bow Down to Receive Your Anguish

June 6, 1976

It was the feast of Pentecost and the Blessed Virgin Mary said to the fortunate visionary:

"Pierina, tell all the children who come here to pray, and repeat My invitation as Mother.... Children, love, the Lord..., pray, pray, pray and make sacrifices to have eternal salvation..., love each other as good brothers..., and I come to bring peace in your souls and concord in your hearts..."

"The great Heart of My Divine Son Jesus the Lord has given into My hands the power of His divine graces, to distribute them to souls with the light of the Holy Spirit..."

"I am your Mother who always bows to receive your anguish, your supplications and prayers, to present them to the Lord of My Divine Son Jesus, who as an exchange of love gives to this Mother the power to intervene by giving His graces, to spread them over the world..."

"I am Mary, Mediatrix of graces... Pierina, make known to all this royal gift that I have received from the Lord Jesus! I am the Mother of love and I come to console..., to save...."

"Upon all My children, who love Me and make Me love them, may the special blessing of graces descend..."

Summary of Devotions Required by Rosa Mistica (Mystical Rose) in Her Messages

  1. Let each 13th of the month be devoted to special acts of devotion to Mary, with prayerful preparation during the preceding 12 days.
  2. July 13 of each year be celebrated in honor of Mary "Rosa Mistica" (Mystical Rose).
  3. October 13 of each year be sanctified with Holy Communion Reparation. The message speaks of the "World Union of the Holy Reparatory Communion". Prayer Groups or Congregations may be formed under this name.
  4. Every year on December 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, let one practice the Hour of Grace at noon, awaiting the special graces of conversion and sanctification promised for that Hour. Let it be practiced in one's own Church adoring the Blessed Sacrament if possible, otherwise also privately or in prayer groups.
  5. Go to the Blessed Fountain in procession, with penitential prayers. Let the sick be brought there and let those in need of spiritual aid for themselves and their loved ones go there as pilgrims.
  6. Let the three words signified by the three roses remain fundamental and characteristic of the Devotion to Mary Mystical Rose: Prayer, Sacrifice, Penance, that is, praying with perseverance and not shirking suffering, and this for the sake of consecrated souls.
    Specifically: for the conversion of consecrated souls unfaithful to their vocation; for the sanctification of consecrated souls;
    for the increase in the number of religious and priestly vocations. This purpose of devotion was first proposed by Mary for Religious Institutes, but it remains a proposal open to all.
  7. Pure characteristic in all these messages is the purpose of reparatory devotion for offenses against the sacrament of the Eucharist, against the name of God and Jesus, against the privileges of Mary, against the Church and the Pope, against the innocence of little ones and simple souls, against the sacredness of human life and the sanctity of the family.
    Of course, a prerequisite of these devotional practices is the observance of the Commandments, the practice of Christian virtues and first and foremost charity toward one's neighbor.

The Meditated Holy Rosary

We wish to offer to all devotees of Rosa Mistica a meditation on the mysteries of the Holy Rosary that we find among the writings of Pierina Gilli and that was proposed to her by St. Maria Crocifissa Di Rosa, Foundress of the Sisters Handmaids of Charity of Brescia.

“The Rosary of the Three Roses”

- Joyful Mysteries -

🌹 White Rose 🌹

(I) The Annunciation of the Angel to Mary Most Holy

"Oh! Great Teacher come to our aid with Your grace, that we too may pronounce the "FIAT' VOLUNTAS TUA" with a great readiness, with love and with total abandonment whenever Jesus asks us for sacrifices for the salvation of our souls and vocations."

(II) Holy Mary's Visit to St. Elizabeth

"Oh! Mary fill our hearts with that sublime hidden charity which must have no limits, in ready acceptance of sacrifice to give greater glory to God, in bringing souls, vocations to Him..."

(III) The Birth of the Child Jesus in the Poor Stable in Bethlehem

"Oh! Mary, may the moment when You became the Mother of Jesus and our Mother always be blessed, and in Your imitation, when Jesus is within our hearts, may we say with a surge of love: behold, this is the most sublime moment of sacrificing ourselves for souls and for vocations!..."

(IV) The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple

"Mary Most Pure Candida Rosa (innocent rose) bring us to Jesus in Your union always by that same path of obedience, deep humility, generosity in sacrifice, so that the houses of the Lord may always be filled with victim souls, holy souls and great vocations!..."

(V) The Loss and Finding of Jesus in the Temple

"Oh! Mary, Most Pure Rose, assist us with Your grace in making us know that the supreme ruin of life is to lose Jesus. Good Mother also teach us to seek Jesus anxiously in any way should He be far from our souls. May Your Grace descend into our hearts, filling them more and more with growing, perfect love and zeal, to bring more souls to Jesus!...more vocations!...."

- Sorrowful Mysteries -

🌹 Red Rose 🌹

(I) The Agony of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane

"Oh! Jesus, at the sight of the most painful sufferings You had to endure for us Your ungrateful children and for the pain of the abandonment of Your favorite ones, Your most bitter and most painful passion of agony with sweat of blood was begun.

Oh! Mary, Mother of Sorrows, help us to be always united with Jesus in a spirit of love, sacrifice and reparation for the new betrayals, which He continually receives in His Eucharistic life."

(II) The Scourging of Jesus at the Pillar

"Oh! Jesus, we understand the great pain of the abandonment of Your intimates, leaving You at the mercy of the scoundrels who cruelly scourged You at the pillar.

Oh! Jesus, we will enclose in the depths of our hearts these confidences of sorrow that You suffered from Your intimate friends with the promise, with the help of Your grace, to be stronger in temptation.

Oh! Mary, gratify our desires to re-establish in our hearts a new current of love in bringing souls, all souls, to Jesus!"

(III) The Coronation of Thorns

"Yes, O Jesus, our hearts clench at the thought that Your most sorrowful crowning with thorns still to this day is a continual renewal, because the enemy of pride seeks to penetrate into souls irreverence, indifference, sacrilege and contempt for the Divine Eucharistic Sacrament.

Oh! Mary, we want to console Jesus, we want to prevent mortal sin, blasphemy, we want to love Him sincerely, by bringing Him the fragrance of so many red roses gathered with our little sacrifices."

(IV) Jesus’ Condemnation to Death and His Sorrowful Journey to Calvary

"Oh! Jesus the most painful way to Calvary with the heavy cross on Your sore shoulders, made You fall to the ground three times. This excruciating suffering was to teach us that if we want to deserve Heaven, we must suffer, following You in the way of sacrifice, of denial, letting ourselves be crucified for Your sake.

Oh! Mary, Rose of Love, make us feel deeply the spirit of prayer, sacrifice and total immolation for our souls and for all souls who wish to follow the way of Jesus."

(V) Jesus’ Death on the Cross after Three Hours of Very Long Agony

"Behold dear Jesus how much our sin cost You, leading You among so many atrocious sufferings to the death of the cross. We understand the complete offering to Your heavenly Father by the total immolation of Your life!

Why so much suffering? For the sake of our souls. Mary, Mother of Jesus and Mother of us all, give us the grace that our hearts may be wounded with the same wounds as Jesus', so that by perfect reparation and complete surrender to the will of Jesus, we too may attain the way of holiness by corresponding to His grace, with the generous readiness traced by Jesus' example for the sake of souls, and with us bring other souls, all souls, to Him!...."

- Glorious Mysteries -

🌹 Yellow Rose 🌹

(I) The Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ

"Oh! Dear Jesus all triumphant You have risen from that stone tomb and entered into glory.

What joy it is for us, too, that You have freed us from atoning punishment, opening to us the gate of Heaven. With infinite love You have also given us the door of the tabernacle where O Jesus at the foot of the altars, how many souls rise by the mercy of Your mighty grace.

Mary, Queen of victories, send down into our souls, the spirit of apostolate for priestly vocations, and may Jesus always rise in us with His peace.

Be powerful with Your grace, so that there may flourish around the Eucharistic altars so many golden roses scented with the heroism of admirable vocations that out of gratitude for love, in hiddenness sacrifice themselves for souls!...."

(II) The Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ into Heaven

"Jesus, Your ascension to Heaven is still being fulfilled today in our souls at the feet of Your Sacrament of Love. How many ascensions of souls purified by grace!

Oh Mary! fill our hearts with new outbursts of love, with burning yearnings, that our life in silence and hiddenness may be a continuous ascension toward the Lord."

(III) The Descent of the Holy Spirit over the Apostles, and Mary Most Holy Gathered in the Upper Room in Prayer

"Oh! Jesus, Your glory was completed by sending Your Divine Spirit into souls. Good Jesus, let this great gift of Yours be perpetuated in our souls, to correspond always to Your divine graces and desires.

Mary, Queen of Apostles, Mother of the Eternal Priest, dilate our hearts in the fervor of prayer and may they be open to the most ardent desires to the Spirit of Love, so that all priests enlightened, strengthened and transformed by divine love may save and sanctify so many souls and so many vocations."

(IV) The Assumption of Mary Most Holy into Heaven

"Oh, admirable Virgin, Mystic Rose, let Your triumphant entry into Heaven obtain for us also the grace of dying in the most perfect love to God, so that in eternal joy we may see blooming that heap of roses which we will have gathered on this earth for the sake of our souls, offering to You prayer, sacrifices and sufferings."

(V) The Coronation of Mary Most Holy, Queen of Heaven and Earth, and the Glory of All the Angels and Saints of Heaven

"With what a transport of love, O Mary of Grace, Mystic Rose, we see You crowned with a halo of precious gems: the souls who all greet You with the title of Mother and Queen of Heaven.

Oh! we also yearn O Mary, our Mother, to experience with You something of Your Immaculate Heart that made You love our souls, all souls!"

Selection of Some Prayers to Be Recited As Appropriate

The texts are taken from: A.M. WEIGL, Maria Rosa Mistica: Montichiari-Fontanelle, Libreria Propaganda Mariana, Rome, 1977, pp. 140-147.

1. To Jesus High Priest

Jesus, eternal High Priest, protect Your priests with the mercy of Your Most Sacred Heart, make them grow in love and fidelity to You and defend them from the contagion of the world. Give them by the power of the transubstantiation of bread and wine the power and strength to transform their hearts.

Bless their apostolic work with abundant fruit and grant them one day the crown of eternal life. Amen.

2. To Mary “Mystic Rose”

Immaculate Virgin, Mother of grace, Mystic Rose, in honor of Your Divine Son, we prostrate ourselves before You to implore mercy from God; not by our own merits, but by the will of Your maternal Heart we ask for help and graces, confident that You will grant us.

Hail Mary...

Mother of Jesus, Queen of the Holy Rosary and Mother of the Church, Mystical Body of Christ, impart for the world parched by discord the gift of unity and peace and all those graces that can convert the hearts of so many of Your children.

Hail Mary...

Mystic Rose, Queen of the Apostles, make numerous priestly and religious vocations flourish around the Eucharistic altars, that by holiness of life and ardent zeal for souls they may extend the reign of Your Son Jesus throughout the world. Fill us also with Your heavenly favors.

Hail Mary...

Mystical Rose, Mother of the Church, pray for us!

3. For Priestly and Religious Vocations

Jesus, Divine Shepherd, You called the apostles and made them fishers of men. Call also today young people from the families of our parishes to Your following and service, You who live to be always among us. Your sacrifice become a presence on our altars, that all men may partake of redemption.

Make all those whom You have called recognize this Your will and make it their own. Open to them the eyes of the whole world, for the silent prayer of many, for the light of truth and the warmth of genuine love.

Grant, O Lord, that many women and young girls in our parishes may also follow likewise decisively the call of Your heart.

Awaken in their hearts the desire to live entirely according to the spirit of the gospel and to give themselves selflessly in the service of the Church, always available for all who need their charitable hand and merciful love.

Grant, too, that the priests of our parish may remain faithful to their vocation, that they may collaborate in building up Your mystical body and thus continue Your mission.

Grant that they may be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Amen. (Paul VI).

4. For Missionaries

Lord Jesus Christ, Thou hast prepared the apostles, with wonderful patience, for their high mission and sent them as Thy dearest friends, we pray Thee for the messengers of the Gospel, priests and brothers, men and women, who today minister in Thy service to distant peoples and who work and suffer for Thee.

Be You for them teacher and friend. Give them the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

5. Prayer of Former and Consecrated Priests

Divine Eternal High Priest, Lord and Savior, You once chose me out of thousands and said, "I no longer call You servant, but friend!" Now that I have abandoned the narrow path that leads to eternal life to choose in return the wide road that leads to perdition, have mercy on me. Give me light, repentance, give me humility and strength, that I may not be lost eternally.

Heavenly Mother, Mary, Mystical Rose, Mother of Mercy and Refuge of Sinners, impart light to me, break the power of darkness, trample down the head of the ancient serpent, help me to return to the Heart of Your Divine Son. Help me to make reparation in humility and trust, bringing forth Your motherly tears of salvation.

Holy Angels, You mighty fighters, with the strength of the eternal God resist the onslaught of heaven; especially You, my dear departed relatives, who are already in the Father's house, and all of You, holy priests and consecrated ones, pray and supplicate that I may be saved, through the mercy and love of the Holy and Triune God. Amen.

6. To Saint Michael the Archangel

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in our struggle against the wickedness and snares of the devil. God command him! We beseech Thee. And Thou, O prince of the heavenly hosts, by the power of God drive back into hell Satan and the other evil spirits, who go about the world to cause souls to be lost. (Leo XIII)

7. To Mary Victor over the Powers of Darkness

Exalted Lady of angels, Thou hast received from God the power and the task of crushing the head of Satan. Therefore we humbly beseech Thee, send Thy heavenly legions to our aid, that at Thy command and through Thy power they may pursue the evil spirits, fight them everywhere, and repel their cunning attacks and plunge them into the underworld.

"Who is like God?" You holy angels and archangels, defend and protect us.

O good and sweet Mother, You will remain forever our love and hope. Mother of God, send us Your holy angels, that they may defend us and keep the evil enemy from us. Amen.

(Prayer dictated by the Virgin Mary herself to Fr. Lodovico Edoardo Cestac, founder of the Order of the Servants of Mary (+1868 in Anglet, France)

8. For the Renewal of the Church

Lord Jesus Christ, You have called us through Your Vicar on earth to the renewal of spirits.

"The renewal of men, however, and reconciliation with God" are, in the words of Your Vicar, "a fact that is accomplished above all in the depths, in the inner sanctuary of man." Lord and Redeemer, we humbly beseech Thee, through Thy Holy Mother "Mystic Rose" send us the fire of the Holy Spirit to purify and renew us in the depths of our souls restore us and sanctify us and make us apostles of Thy Kingdom of Love. Amen.

9. Restorative Invocations for the Procession to the Fountains and before the Crucifix

Jesus and Mary, You have loved us so much to call us to be reparatory souls. Today we spontaneously want to console Your Most Holy Hearts by repairing all the offenses, which They receive from ungrateful men.

For Eucharistic profanations forgive us, O Lord.

For the irreverences in the churches forgive us, O Lord.

For the outrages and contempt of tabernacles, forgive us, O Lord.

For the contempt of sacred things forgive us, O Lord.

For the abandonment of churches, forgive us, O Lord.

For sins of immorality, forgive us, O Lord.

For godless souls, forgive us, O Lord.

For blasphemies against Your Most Holy Name, forgive us, O Lord.

For indifference toward Your Love, forgive us, O Lord.

For outrages against the person of the Pope, forgive us, O Lord.

For contempt toward Bishops and priests, forgive us, O Lord.

For blasphemies against the name of Mary, forgive us, O Lord.

For the despises against her Immaculate Conception, forgive us, O Lord.

For the abandonment of veneration to Mary forgive us, O Lord.

For the despises against the images of Mary forgive us, O Mary.

For the abandonment of the Holy Rosary, forgive us, O Lord.

For indifference to Mary's maternal love forgive us, O Lord.

10. Invocations of Supplication

O Lord, grant Thy church holy priests, we beseech Thee, O Lord.

O Lord, give us religious vocations, we beseech Thee, O Lord.

O Lord, give us Christian families, we beseech Thee, O Lord.

O Lord, give us pure young people, we beseech Thee, O Lord.

O Lord, give us the union of peoples, we beseech Thee, O Lord.

O Lord, give us peace in souls, we beseech Thee, O Lord.

O Lord, give us fraternal charity, we beseech Thee, O Lord.

O Lord, give us peace in the world, we beseech Thee, O Lord.

Trezena of Our Lady Mystical Rose

Our Lady at Montichiari requested that the 13th day of each month be consecrated to a special devotion to Her, preparing ourselves with the prayer of the preceding 12 days; and that the 13th of July of each year be celebrated in honor of "Mary Mystical Rose"


("The rosary is one of Our Lady's dearest devotions")


Invocation to the Holy Spirit

Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Your faithful and enkindle in them the fire of Your love. Send forth, O Lord, Your Spirit, and all things will be created, and You will renew the face of the earth. Let us pray: O God, who have instructed the hearts of Your faithful with the light of the Holy Spirit, grant that we may rightly appreciate all things and enjoy their consolation always. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, in the unity of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Virgin Immaculate, Mother of Grace, Mystical Rose, in honor of Your Divine Son we kneel before You to implore divine mercy: not by our merits, but by the will of Your Maternal Heart, we beseech You to grant us protection and grace with the certainty that You will answer us. Hail Mary...

Mystical Rose, Mother of Jesus, Queen of the Holy Rosary and Mother of the Church, Mystical Body of Christ, we ask You to grant the world, torn by discord, unity and peace and all those graces that can change the hearts of so many of Your children. Hail Mary...

Mystical Rose, Queen of Apostles, make many priestly and religious vocations flourish around the Table of the Eucharist, so that they may spread, with the sanctity of their lives and their apostolic zeal for souls, the Kingdom of Your Son Jesus throughout the world. And pour upon us also the abundance of Your heavenly graces. Hail Mary...


O most gracious Queen of Heaven and Sovereign of the Angels, to Thee, who from the Lord hast received the power and mission to crush the head of Satan, we come and humbly ask Thee to send us the heavenly legions, that at Thy command they may pursue the demons, fight them everywhere, suppress their audacity, and cast them into the abyss. Amen.

O Mary, Mother of Love, of sorrows and of mercy, we beseech Thee: unite Thy supplications with ours so that Jesus, Thy Divine Son, to Whom we turn in the name of Thy blood motherly tears, may hearken to our supplications and deign to grant us, with the graces for which we beseech Thee, the crown of eternal life. Amen!

May Thy tears of blood, O Mother of Sorrows, destroy the forces of hell. By Thy divine meekness, O Crucified Jesus, preserve the world from threatening loss. St. Michael Archangel, defend us in this combat; be our help against the wickedness and snares of the devil; we instantaneously and humbly ask Thee that God prevail over him and Thou, Prince of the heavenly Militia, with this divine power cast into hell Satan and the other evil spirits that roam the world to the perdition of souls. Amen!



Divine Jesus, we offer You this rosary which we are about to pray, meditating on the mysteries of our Redemption. Grant us, through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, Mother of God and our Mother, the virtues we need to pray it well, and the grace to gain the indulgences of this holy devotion.

We offer it, particularly, in reparation for the sins committed against the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary, for world peace, for the intentions of the Holy Father, for the increase and sanctification of the clergy, for the sanctification of families, for all our particular intentions, and for Brazil (or your country).




Our Father...

Hail Mary... (in honor to God the Father who created us)

Hail Mary... (in honor to God the Son, who redeemed us)

Hail Mary... (in honor of God the Holy Spirit, who sanctifies us)

Glory be...

With each mystery, an Our Father, ten Hail Marys and the Gloria are prayed, ending with the Jaculatory:

O my Jesus...

Mary Mystical Rose, Mother of the Church, pray for us.



(Mondays and Saturdays, and Sundays of Advent)

In the first mystery, we contemplate the Annunciation of the Angel to Mary.
In the second mystery, we contemplate Mary's visit to her cousin Elizabeth.
In the third mystery, we contemplate the birth of Jesus.
In the fourth mystery, we contemplate the Presentation of the Child Jesus and the Purification of Our Lady.
In the fifth mystery, we contemplate the loss and finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple.



In the first mystery, we contemplate Jesus' Baptism in the Jordan.
In the second mystery, we contemplate Jesus' self-revelation at the Wedding at Cana.
In the third mystery, we contemplate Jesus' proclamation of the Kingdom of God, with the invitation to conversion.
In the fourth mystery, we contemplate Jesus' transfiguration.
In the fifth mystery, we contemplate the institution of the Eucharist.


(Tuesdays and Fridays, and Sundays in Lent)

In the first mystery, we contemplate Jesus' agony in the Garden.
In the second mystery, we contemplate Jesus' scourging at the pillar.
In the third mystery, we contemplate Jesus' crowning with thorns.
In the fourth mystery, we contemplate Jesus carrying the Cross to Calvary.
In the fifth mystery, we contemplate the crucifixion and death of Jesus.


(Wednesdays and Sundays of Easter and Ordinary Time)

In the first mystery, we contemplate the Resurrection of Jesus.
In the second mystery, we contemplate the Ascension of Jesus.
In the third mystery, we contemplate the coming of the Holy Spirit.
In the fourth mystery, we contemplate the Assumption of Our Lady into Heaven.
In the fifth mystery, we contemplate the Coronation of Our Lady.


We give You infinite thanks, Sovereign Queen, for the benefits we receive every day from Your liberal Hands. Deign, now and forever, to take us under Your powerful protection, and to further oblige You we salute You with a Hail Holy Queen. Hail Holy Queen...



O my Lady, O my Mother, I offer myself all to You, and in proof of my devotion to You, I consecrate to You, this day and forever, my eyes, my ears, my mouth, my heart, and entirely my being.

And because I am all Yours, O good and incomparable Mother, keep me and defend me as Your possession and property. Amen!


Heavenly Mother, Queen of Heaven, Sovereign of humankind, You who received from God the power and the mission to crush the head of Satan, docile to Your call, we come to Your feet.

Mother of Mercy, deign to receive the praises and prayers that make Your pilgrim children come to You, full of trust; they have come to entrust to You all their sorrows, all their miseries.

O wonderful reflection of the beauty of Heaven, by the light of faith, expel from our spirits the darkness of error.

Mystical Rose, by the heavenly perfume of hope, revive the courage of souls who have fallen.

Inexhaustible spring of water, salutary by the streams of Divine charity, give life to the languishing hearts.

We are Your children; You comfort us in our sorrows; You protect us in danger; You animate us in struggle; make us love and serve Your Son Jesus; give us an ardent love for Your Rosary; make us spread everywhere the Marian devotion, that we may strive to live in a state of grace, to merit eternal happiness near You.

Amen! So be it.


(Repeat daily)

In the consciousness of my nothingness and of Thy greatness, most merciful Savior, I prostrate myself at Thy feet and give Thee thanks for the innumerable favors Thou hast bestowed on me, an ungrateful creature, especially for having delivered me, through Thy most Precious Blood, from Satan's evil tyranny.

In the presence of Mary, my good Mother, of my Guardian Angel, of my patron saints, of the whole heavenly court, I consecrate myself, O most kind Jesus, with a sincere heart and by free decision, to Thy most Precious Blood, with which Thou hast delivered the whole world from sin, death, and hell.

I promise Thee, with the help of Thy grace and according to my strength, to awaken and foster devotion to Thy most precious adorable Blood, so that it may be honored and venerated by all. I would that I might thus make reparation for my infidelities to Thy most precious Blood, and offer Thee reparation also for so many sacrileges committed by men against the most precious price of their Redemption.

Would that I could make my sins disappear, my coldness, and all the disrespect with which I have offended Thee, O most precious Blood! See, O most loving Jesus, that I offer Thee all the love, esteem and adoration that Thy most holy Mother, Thy faithful Apostles and all the saints have rendered to Thy most Precious Blood, and I beg Thee, that Thou wouldst forget my past infidelities and coldness, and forgive those who offend Thee. Sprinkle me, O Divine Savior, as well as all men, with Thy most precious Blood, so that we, O Crucified Love, may from now on love Thee with all our hearts and worthily honor the price of our Salvation. Amen.